Goddess Vandana’s OH SO PERFECT FEET, and that ATTITUDE!

Goddess Vandana’s OH SO PERFECT FEET, and that ATTITUDE!

Paye Lagu, Madam .. JI!

And she was so perfect, and perhaps the ONLY high school teacher I remember, and had a crush on.

There were other more gorgeous ones.

There were other COMMANDING ones.

Including one which once famously (and she said this!) made the “I’ll crush you under my feet like a COCKROACH, boy!”

(And yes, she did say boy, because we WERE boys then, hehe. Young boys at any rate, and I remember how DOMINANT Madam was , and that imperious LOOK to her!)

But perfect Madam Vandana was different.

She was dominant.

And she had the RIGHT amount of “constantly exasperated” and “playfulness” to her!

And when she wanted to be strict, she could be!

And she was gorgeous!

That lilt to Madam’s voice.

Those lovely feet I spoke about so often, toes always painted BRIGHT RED, boy!

The amount of times I masturbated to her after school.

In my dirty “fountain pen wiping” ink cloth, which of course these days is the sticky cloth full of DRY sweet CUM I write about so often! (and sitting next to me, hehe).

And … more!

But this isn’t about cum.

Mine, or Master’s!

It’s about perfect Madam Vandana, and though she’ probably just as old as Pooja now, I’d give ANYTHING to be under those perfect soles!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!


(Michael ………………………….. emphaszing the “L”. I still remember the way she said it, looking at me in THAT manner! What a Queen!)

(And her walking home hot and sweaty to the school bus…)


Mike Watson

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