I still remember Perfect Ms Priyanka, that sole outstretched, ready to KICK me with the HEEL!

Or, imperiously waving me away with ONE finger … the forefinger … pointed straight at me …. nails painted RED!

With that LOOK in the eye that SCREAMS “inferior being” more than anything else, and the sheer confidence and dominance!

Usually, what she’d tell me afterI served her, either “calmly” or with that lovely kick from her perfect soles would be this.

“Off with you, boy!”

“Run away …. boy!”

as if talking to a little kid.

And it just added to the humiliation!

But she was good at English, of course, and though she taught me a lot of Hindi, the bulk of our conversation was always in English.

Ditto for my Chinese femdom experiences – though I learned a lot at their feet( notjust language, hehe) … our communication was mostly done in English.

For a GOOD reason (read the post about Anne, and how it ended up !)

(I think I posted about that here …. or perhaps in Missed Femdom Experiences – yes – that book – a must read!!)

But anyway, my SO just said the same thing as I requested her for a few minutes alone.

“Ja! Bhag!”

And thats like what Pooja Memsahib … JI tells me so often in that gravely tone of hers!

And with that foot staring straight at me equally imperiously!

Pooja means “worship” in hindi.

I and I do that a LOT for her!

I do, I mean. I wish there were two of me to do it, hehe.

But really. Shes such a Goddess.

Femdom done in LOCAL language, be it Chinese, or Hindi – or whichever Indian language – they have a LOT is just so different in that MINUTE WAY!

That different SOUND to it!

In a language She is comfortable with, with all th edifferent connotations! 😉

And thats what it’s about for the discerning femdom lover, hehe.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Discerning INDIAN femdom lover will love our Indian femdom compilations. And as for Chinese femdom – HERE is where you go!

(or, just pick up the books individually, but I’d rather a deal! ;)).

PS #2 – Isn’t that outstretched SOLE, ready to KICK you just so SEXY, slave boy!!

Yes, MADAM … JI!! (Garima did this quite often too!) .

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!