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The way Madam Vandana emphasized the “L” …

Mike Watson

Michael … with the L emphasized!

IS that my real name?

Well, readers of my list and site knows, or they should at least if you’ve been paying attention. Really, it is out there in full view!

And anyway, the way perfect Madam Vandana, my high school Physics teacher, her of the lovely perfect sized FEET, with toes ALWAYS painted red, and she wore those sandals which made her lovely white soles DIRTY!

She loved “tight salwars” (bascially the Indian version of tight pants) and they emphasized the foot so much more!

On the other site I’ve written about why I LOVE salwars … and there is a reason. Do a search, and yer shall find, hehe.

But anyway, I believe she KNEW in a way I liked her. And her feet.

And I think she did too, in a wierd way!

“R … ooops, I mean Michael ………..” I can still hear her say!

In THAT voice!

Not the “I know your a sissy”, confidence.

But the “we’re friends, how can you act silly” type of things girls do which is SO CUTE!

Sort of like when a police officer in HK causally touched me on the shoulder once during some disturbance in Hong Kong.

I think yours truly was trying to visit a HSBC branch or something.

Fitting eh. Money, boy!

And the young police officer came over, and touched me ont he shoulder in that friendly manner ladies just “have” when they’re comfortable with you.

This cannot be faked. Either it happens or it doesnt!

“Don’t go there” was all she said.

I smiled, thanked her, and walked away, and that was that!

I’ll recount another tale of another police officer soon, but for now?

That was that … and that WAY is why I find these girls so cute, and love to worship them!

Because deep down inside, every sissy knows what Princess Sophia said is RIGHT.

“I’m married, boy! So we can be soul mates, but nothing else!”

Yes, Madam.

IT makes it so worth it!!!


Mike Watson

PS – I LOVE being “best friends” and nothing else with women. Paye Lagu, Madam … JI!

PS #2 – Pick up tales on Indain femdom HERE.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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