Dekthi kya hai! Ankhen Noch Dungi!

Dekthi kya hai! Ankhen Noch Dungi!

Oh … boy!

Ill never forget the Pakistani lady I once saw (and the older lady in “Anmol”, a bollywood flick of YORE).

The first had two ladies she was humiliating.

One was pressing her feet assidiously.

“Jor Laga! Hathon me Dam nahin bacha kya?”

Do it harder, girl! Don’t you have STRENGTH in those hands?

Ahhh, she relaxed, crooning to herself as the poor girl tried harder!

Her feet were not pretty. She was OLD, fat and ugly … and she was such a Goddess, I’d empty my bank account for her right NOW!

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

Another young girl came in.

“Dafa ho ja!” Madam aimed a KICK at girl #1, who left hurriedly.

And the other girl started to press Madam’s feet, and they started talking in a dominant – submissive manner.

“Tere ko nikalne dungi tab na!” laughed Madam in an imperious manner as the girl was talking about going to work in town to repay a debt she owed Madam.

(and thats why Madam enslaved her, so goes the story).

And when Madam denies the request … (what she said above was “yeah right! Dream on, bitch!”) … she looked at her angrily, and then it came.


How dare a slave even look Madam in the eyes!

“Ankhen noch ke boti ban dungi!”

(I’ll pinch your eyes out and us ethme as DiCE!)

She is so right, and I understand why in ancient Indian feudal houses and indeed palaces (the owners were treated like Kings and queens), the servants literally “walked backwards” with their eyes DOWN so as to avoid the following – looking Master or Mistress directly in the eye – and NOT showing them their back!

And Ms. Priyanka taught me this so well too!

She’d kick me often, and of course, the ass worship.

Indian girls are so deliciously dominant!

And of course, Master. Su and Jerome.

My eyes would always water down to his PACKAGE – and if you’re a true cuck or sissy you knwo what I mean.

That package, not HIM is what you need to get accquainted with, boy!

Her SOLES – ass – and feet – BOY!

And thats really it … boy! Paye Lagu, Madam Susan – you deserve a mention here too !


Mike Watson

PS – More such SCINTILLATING, TILTILATING tales of Indian femdom right HERE. They’ll leave you leaking, sissy!

Mike Watson
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