Gossip is the FUEL – or should be – that drives every sissy and cuck!

Gossip is the FUEL – or should be –…

And cock, of course!

But hey. I’ve written before about my S.O. (current S.O.) and a certain lady she ostensibly (and apparently) “works for”.

The dynamics of the relationship seem somewhat complex, and I haven’t really gotten into it. Sometimes perfect Madam Mona, who I wrote about before, who will NOT, I repeat, NOT let you sleep more than 3 hours a night (BOY!) is the boss.

Sometimes my fiery Madam is!

(My SO)

And she delivers quite a kick. Swollen balls, and then some!

And I love it, hehe.

But anyway …

(not to mention My SO literally whacks me so hard that my “white” (or fair) cheeks turn into purple BUTTER as I wrote about before, but that isn’t the point).

Point being this. They had a disagreement. They’ve been having it for ages.

Mona Madam seems to be on the wrong side of this big time (if we’re looking at this professionally).

And I’ll write about that on the other site!

But …

… “personally”?

She ended up getting into a disagreement with Madam.

And then went about “gossiping” about it to everyone esle on the planet.

Or, her Whatsapp group or something.

Unprofessional yes.

But I can feel it.

Madam is frustrated.

“You’re so RUDE, boy!”

(insert “girl”, except she couldn’t tell me SO that!)

“You better get me more business, BOY!”

And more.

And that explains why my SO got UPSET. Big time. And she’s been in a bad mood for the past week or so. Ugh (or YAY!). Hehe.

She’s such a Queen too!

But anyway, in this battle of the Queens, this here CUCKIE boy sits here quietly, ever writing, ever leaking, ever ready to release a new PRODUCT.

Which he will as soon as he gets done writing this email (or he’ll create it, and then release it).

And he loves the gossip!

Thats why I spoke so much to Princess Sophia, her of the “soulmater” and “you can never have sex with me, you idiot!” fame.

Thats why I speak to ALL These ladies! Madam Susan included …

So they can unload on me.

And whack me when the mood takes them, with NO reservations.

And I’d kiss their feet for it!

Paye Lagu, Mona Madam Ji – and all of you ladie ou tthere.

It’s truly ALL about you, and you having your cake, and eating it too.

(and you deserve it!)


Mike Watson

PS – HERE is where you can pick up the Indian Goddess series! Do so now … BOY!

(Or “Mona Madam” might just be after YOU, hehe)

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!