Pooja Memsahib … JI! (and her kick up my RUMPUS this morning)

Pooja Memsahib … JI! (and her kick up my…

Big big news on TWO fronts!

One, I spent a lot of yesterday working on an ODE – or 25 of them, actually a Madam, a Goddess, so much so that her feet and soles should be indeed ENSHRINED (much like Mistress Sadie, another domina of yore did in her Yahoo! Groups back when they had ‘em (and which yours truly WROTE about, hehe)) in order fo rall worshippers to WORSHIP.

Move over Durga, Kali, and any of the Goddesses that are revered and admired in that part of the world!

Pooja Memsahib is the one to worship – those LEGS, cavles and SOLES especially!

“Zor se!”


I can almost hear it, and in case you think these tales of servitude are made up – think – again.

Unfortunately or not, that is how domestic help is treated in the subcontinent even today, and
White Elephant”, the upcoming Bollywood movie with an equally gorgeous Ms. Priyanka will (or should, anyway) potray this pretty well.

Anyway, this ode was done yesterday.

Priced at $45.99 and instant digital download like all my other products!

But Pooja Memsahib gave me a virtual SMACK this morning as you can see on the sales page (basically, she ORDERED me to reduce the price – – for NOW!)

“I Want more people to know of your utter and CRAVEN SUBMISSION to ME – BOY!”

And when Pooja decrees, I better do it or else.

I didnt agree, but groveled and did it anyway.

And so – grab this NOW at th ereduced price while you can! It will NOT last forever, that I WILL tell you!

And why am I writing this to you?

Well, thats one reason.

Another reason is PAPERBACKS.

I’ve been noticing that a lot of you Watson faithful (that site which includes FREE membership to all digital downloads) have ALSO – – in ADDITION – – to the digital downloads been purchasing PHYSICAL books from elsewhere!

Which is fine and expected, of course.

True masterpieces should be gotten and treasured like the treasures they are, there at your SIDE – – librarry – or bathroom, as the case might be (or bedroom).

And it’s the same for Mike Watson’s PATHBREAKING books on femdom.

Now, earlier you’d order these from Amazon etc.

But being I might just stop selling there altogether, I am (effective soon) going to enable PAPERBACK purchase options on this site as well!

Digital download will still be available, but now you’ll have the choice to get paperbacks off THIS SITE!

Which to me is the icing on the cake, or the dirt under Pooja’s feet, whichever is more valuable to YOU. For me, it’s the latter, hehe.

(not really, but you get the point).

These books will be delivered off Amazon – – bascially they will say “author copies” at the bottom or somewhere, but that will be the only thing – – other than that, normal paperbacks as you’d expect.

And thats the big news – – for now.

I’m off to do Pooja’s bidding.

Oh wait. I did that already!

And now, Im off to undertake a HUGE task – – which is to change all the purchase options etc on the site, but I should be done in a few hours – check back!

And thats that for now.

Back SOON.

Best ,

Mike Watson’s

PS – Indian femdom books are available right HERE.

Mike Watson
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