Why it is such a pleasure, and honor to see Pooja Memsahib .. JI’s soles talk to me! And how they do … coming to LIFE!

Why it is such a pleasure, and honor to…

Or Madam Susan’s soles, or any soles, even male STUD soles!

His long soles intertwined with Garima Madam ji’s, I still remember that! He was such a stud, and I pressed her – and his – feet like THEIR bitch!

And I was.

I still remember his long black studly hose … his WEAPON!

And it was GORGEOUS – really. That mamba was a lovely kissable one indeed!

And I smooched it a lot.

OK, yours truly cock worshipper and faggot boy has started again on cocks, you say!

Sorry. Hehe.

Can’t help it. It part of me!

But really, feet and SOLES.

Talk to her soles, boy!

I can still hear TWO voice ringing out. One being the above, Madam Susan.

Get to know them better than your own FACE, boy!


And of course, Pooja Memsahib too.

Charan daba! Smack!

And as I pressed her feet with lotion, I’d see (and this is especially true the first day I met her, and the first week), Id see the cracks disappear.

The soles would talk to me.

The red soreness would DISAPPEAR.

The balls of the feet would smile at me – then GRIN!

And those long hours at night spent staring at them, and the base of her toes would speak out in turn to me!

Rub me, boy! I’m connected to Madam’s stomach!

Plop! If you get my drift, the next morning …

The liver! The brain!

And all night long, I’d press Pooja’s feet with abject admiration and devotion like I’ve NEVER felt towards anyone, male or female before!

Same thing when I massaged her feet with my ejaculate, except the effect was even more dramatic.

Hey. As Ms. Priyanka told Pooja In “Serving an Indian Goddess” and Mansi too. Madam Mansi!

“This thing gives life! So why shouldn’t it rejuvenate our soles!”

And rejuventate it does, and did, and how! And Masters shoes too!

And anyway, if you think all of that is a bit extreme, you aint seen NOTHING as yet.

Especially in terms of ASS worship, and ASSHOLE worship.

And that my friend, and extreme humiliation done only like INDIAN LADIES can, is the THEME (one of them) of Pooja Memsahib … JI! – Volume ONE which is out now, and ready for SALE!

Grab this now, my friend. Truly the most extreme ever, and I’m only getting started!


Mike Watson

PS – India is extreme in a lot of ways, so it makes sense that femdom is extreme there too! And thats why toilet servitude isn’t really a theme of any of my books except Serving an Indian Goddess.

But Pooja Memsahib puts even THAT to shade, and how!

Grab it now – – and find out! Truly EXTREME. And I’m just gettin STARTED!!A

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!
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