Why Pooja Memsahib Ji’s POO is so SPECIAL!

Why Pooja Memsahib Ji’s POO is so SPECIAL!

It’s just incredible, the sheer HOLD This lady has over me – unlike ANY OTHER BEFORE!

I’ve had my fair share of femdom and then some, but I think all the conditioning has made what is a fantasy for most people and reality for me MUNDANE, and I’m transitioning to a level of servitude hitherto unknown even to me!

I mean, I’m not a scat fetishist!

I was supposed to go write the second Volume of Pooja Memsahib, and a part about her lover’s thick knob (which I can almost see staring at me right now, that dark knob of his!).

And the pee hole!

But I’m sitting here for the past hour with a hard dick, writing about Pooja Ji to you!

Which is fine, of course. I’ve been doing that all day, and finished the first Volume, but the more I even write about her, the more she drives me nuts with LUST!

Servitude and lust!

Unbridled CRAVEN submission!

In the second Volume, toilet servitude and shit becomes NORMAL as opposed to in the first Volume where it was “introduced”.

Believe me, once you “see” (and I did!) Madam’s beautiful asshole that you licked, sucked, worshipped, drank cum out of the last night producing what it does best, a well formed “beautiful” turd … even her turds are sexy!

Even when mixed in with kidney beans and corn …

Even when she’s got “loose motions!”

Even when it splatters all over the toilet!

Paye Lagu, Malkin ji!

Ass lagu, Malking!

And she’s such a Queen!

I’d take her slippers to bed with me right now. Her lover’s used condoms. His underwear. Her socks.

And the smell of both their assholes!

And all this is not even getting into her lover and my Master’s much tighter pucker bud and the waste coming out of it!

I’d literally put Madam Poojas waste in a shrine and worship it like I mentioned in the first Volume.

Those feet, those soles, that gravelly voice, that CRAVEN SUBMISSION!

Are there really any lengths to which a submissive sissy won’t stoop to?

I thought Ms. Priyanka pushed the limits!

But Madam Pooja takes al lthis to new heights altogether.

And we’re just getting started – both with the “Extreme” stuff and the Second Volume, hehe. Be on the outlook for it – you will love it!

In the meantime, be sure and pick up Volume 1 right HERE.

Best, and I’m finally off, I think!


Mike Watson

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