Why you need to press the balls of her feet, boy! And why they TALK to you the most .. Press the balls, boy! Press the balls!

Why you need to press the balls of her…

Just got through more writing for Pooja Memsahib … JI! – Volume TWO.

Surely the most extreme things I’ve ever written in many ways, but if you haven’t grabbed Volume 1 – do so now, bro.


It’s making waves already, and it hasn’t even been a week since it’s been released.

Just look at Memsahib’sfeet!

How could anyone NOT …


She’s a true GODDESS on Earth!

And I treat her that way, both in writing and real life.

And she deserves it, but as I took a break, I saw those feet again.

The BALLS were smiling at me!

Now, if you’re a cuck, HIS real man balls will smile and stare at you a lot, but the last thing you need to do is press them.

Press your own all yo uwant when FULL (especially when full) and cage ‘em up, boy!

Or ask Madam to do it.

Or Sir. I’ll still remember that magnificent cocked slim Master who had caged another almost equally pretty and sexy COCK … both long and sexy, both cut, and that latter cock just SPURTED with ONE touch!

What a load!

And Master moved back.

I dont want that nasty jizz touching me, bitch, but I’ll make you ingest and worship every last drop of mine!

So he should.

That cock was lovely, lovely, lovely!

But either way, feet.

The balls of the feet are often ignored.

People squeeze the entire foot.

Press the arches.

And between the toes … if taught right.

But the balls are where we spend most of our day (feet, I mean, cuck!)

While walking, exercising, running, whatever. Even sitting I’d say.

It’s the balls of the feet that need it the most!

And it’s they who TALK to me the most, as Madam Susan taught me!

Well, she taught me to talk to her feet, but yours truly “eager willing slavish student” learned much more!

As a real sissy should.

And thats ye tanother sissy tip right there on MASSAGE not included in Sissy Central.

On that note, I just read Sissy Central, and I’m amazed I’m “letting it go” at the price it’s at now.

Hurry – and grab it now – because believe me, thats another course for which the price goes UP in the new year.


And as Pooja’s (or her feet, actually) BALLS smile at me, and tell me get back to work – I better do so.

Paye Lagu, Malkin ji.

You’re the VERY BEST!


Mike Watson

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