Indian Femdom

A lovely ONE eyed INDIAN snake LOOKING directly at me …

I wish – I really wish two things.

One, I wish that snake was HERE in front of me now – with it’s unique SMELL.

And two .. I wish I could say it was flicking it’s tongue.

But it doesnt even have a tongue!

Yours truly is the one flicking tongues in it’s “eye”.

It’s lovely, WORSHIPPABLE open eye, and it disgorges rivers of lovely “bile” – or venom” depending upon how you look at it!

And it’s none other than Pooja Memsahib’s MAN’s snake!

A real man’s snake hiding in his pants, and I got so well accquainted with that cock. Only Jerome (Madam Su’s regular and one of lover(s)) had a cock remotely so sexy – well – no – cocks are ALL sexy for the most part, but his was another one I was very well acquainted with … but as far as humiliation?

I thought Madam Su and Princess Joanie did all that could be done in that regard.


Pooja Memsahib JI blows that humiliation out of the water – pun not intended. Hehe.

And under her expert guidance and TUTELAGE, her man learnt …

One fine night, he blew his wad right on my face – in my LEFT eye – which is my stronger eye.


Now, this isn’t a big deal.

I’m used to cum drippin from all my sissy holes, including my nose – my ass – my MOUTH (YUM!) and anywhere on my face.

Eyes too, but I wash it off.

On this occasion, Memsahib wouldn’t let me and along with long and admittedly beautiful “girly eyelashes” (I still remember a female hairdresser longingly wanting to have a go at them as a gay guy did – and he did a fine job!) … that cum STUCK to my eye.

In another 5 minutes or so, yours truly was a ONE EYED Pirate.

But it wasn’t funny at the time.

The cum was somewhat acidic – and it burnt a bit.

More than that, it was annoying, and sticky!

Believe me, Master disgorged a LOT of cum.

Those lovely balls!

And it was so erotic though in a way.

His erect (and then somewhat flaccid) one eyed INDIAN snake proudly staring at my one eye.

My weak eye!

Talk to her soles, boy!

(Madam Susan). (and I knew it before too!)

Talk to her ASSHOLE, boy!

(Pooja Memsahib …JI!)

(I knew it before. But I didnt know “how much to talk” and I sure was taught like never before!)

And talk to his COCK!

I know – very well!

Since a long time.

But it’s the first time I had to do it with one eye.

And my Indian Master did a fine job of teaching me! 😉

Paye Lagu Malkin … JI! You’re truly the best. And “lund” Lagu, Malkin. You too!


Mike Watson

PS – “lund lagu” is another one of those strange but oh-so-sexy “local expressions” yours truly coined. And introduced to YOU in Pooja Memsahib JI … Volume Two. Check it out NOW!

(Rave reviews already, and I’ll share those soon).

(And Volume 3 is on the way.Yay!)

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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