On the “Mumbai high courts” decision and more …

On the “Mumbai high courts” decision and more …

Its funny. Scary, even.

But smartphones TRACK us, and do so via THINKING.

In a very logical manner indeed!

Ive written about this on my other sites.

And the fact is this – when I even so much as intensely THINK about something – and then maybe look it up on the Internet or whatever then the same thing appears EVERYWHERE.

In life.


Internet “Shinternet”.

And so forth.

And smart, or dumb, depending upon how you look at ‘em (I call ‘em dumb phones). But they’re smart on this one!!


And some of this is explained easily via cooking sharing or what not. Others, not so easily, especially when you THINK – and you see it on the smart phone!


OR the Law of Attraction?

OR a little of both?

I’d say the last!

And thats how it has worked with me and FEMDOM in general.

You attract who you are, and what you think at your deepest, CORE, basic levels.

Thats what both spicyanderoticfetish.com and payelagumalkin.com are about …

And given so many men are running around online “jerking off to femdom porn” and what not (and dont get me wrong, thats fine if thats your thing) … without truly being satisfied, I thought I’d tell them HOW.

And precious few actually listen, but those that do – well – a world of WONDERS awaits!

And that why I wrote my pathbreaking and immensely popular book “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland”.

And yes, it works in ANY situation, for ANY lady or what not.

Really. It does!

But wait. We were talking “high court shy court” were we not? (My unique typing or speaking style has a reason, hehe, but I won’t get into that here).

Yes. We were.

And apparently some order has been passed somewhere in the vast country that they call India which prohibits people from using the “name of God” to sell items.

Of course, that is mostly aimed at folks selling black magic, cures to the COVID “because God said so” and other nonsense.

Rubbish, if thats your thang, hehe.

But using the name of Goddess?

Well, I do it all the time!


But I doubt the good High Court would object to it.

In fact, who knows.

They may even LIKE It.

You know, that ole thing about nothing really appearing as it SEEMS! And people being shades of grey, not X and Y – or a staid Z for that matter – even judges and so forth.

And on that note, I’m out. Be sure to pick up Pooja Memsahib … JI! Right here … it’s truly making all sorts of WAVES!


Mike Watson

PS – Remember the Watson Faithful too.

Mike Watson
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