Madam “Dani”, translations, and learning a lot!

Madam “Dani”, translations, and learning a lot!

It’s really interesting.


But despite this site being up, despite INDIAN femdom and CHINESE femdom being the very backbone of my writing … NONE, I repeat, NONE of my books and courses are in an either an Indian or Chinese language


Which is interesting, isn’t it?


Yours truly doesnt speak languages from either part of the world particularly well, of course!


And writing?


No way, hehe. I know a little, but most of it was learnt while at either a lovely Indian lady’s feet (UNDER!) or a Chinese lady’s firm hand, foot, ass, an everything else. Hehe.


I’ve been asked before for books in Hindi (a language common in some part of India).


But, other than what perfect Ms. Priyanka (she is SO lovely) and Pooja Memsahib … JI! Have taught me … English remains my language of choice.




Although, our books HAVE been translated into Spanish and Portugese, and I dont mean just he femdom books.


That business Miss V owns has translated books too. 😉


Anyway . . .


The translator (or one of them, anyway) I’m working with right now is “Madam” Daniela.


And I knew from the word go she’d be the best person I EVER Worked with.


So “lovely” as Madam Susan says!


And no, I haven’t seen her or met her – but I DID do up the Gracias Senorita post on the other site, and I meant every word. Hehe.


And if you’re on the list(s), you’ll recieve this twice, because it BE applicable twice, to be honest!


And … here is what she told me last night (for reference, read the other post on the other site too – this was after the book has been

translated into Spanish)


Hola again hahaha (a lot of hellos for a day haha). Yes, sure, I will look at the other books you have uploaded here and start working on those too. Once again, it is a pleasure working with you. I must say I learn a lot translating the book. For now, good night from this part of the world. Best, Dani.


My response?


Hola again, Madam Daniela! (which is better? Dani? Daniela? I like the latter, but both are ok obviously, hehe). Yes, take a look both here and on the website I mentioned – and if there is a book you’d “like” to translate which is not on this site, let me know and I’ll upload it. And – best part – you learned a lot! Some POOR SOUL will be on the recieving end of all this, and he will enjoy it too, hehe …. *evil * *grin* Best, and the pleasure is all mine! Mike Watson


Now the book in question is “15 ways to give him the ruined orgasm of his LIFE and have him salivating for MORE!


And this book will teach you a lot, yes!


And it’s one of those books every budding Domina and her slave (reverse genders, roles and so forth – matters not – the MIND DOES!) should have in her lovely hands to control their slaves like never before.


Along with that, Sissygasm Central as well.


And of course, my pathbreaking book on “A complete guide to understanding dominant Chinese ladies from the mainland”.


So … Have … AT!




Mike Watson


PS – Xie Xie ni to all the lovely Chinese ladies out there. And thank you Madam … JI! To the Indian ones. I’ll try and get some books translates for YOU TOO … if I ever can!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!