P.C. you’re such a MADAM, such a GODDESS, so truly and really dominant, and always WERE, and will be!

P.C. you’re such a MADAM, such a GODDESS, so…

Paye Lagu, Madam JI!

And in “PC”’s latest movie, the White Tiger, curiously enough or maybe not, there is a LOT of that.

A lot of groveling, except maybe not in the way you’d expect, hehe.

But along with that ONE other Bollywood movie I watched more than 10 years ago, along with all the other “Pakistani soap operas”, I’ve watched, written about and so forth, the scenes will stay fresh in memory ever since I live.

No, I have not watched the White Tiger as yet.

Dont have any plans to.

I don’t watch movies!

But you know how it is, hehe. Just like femdom attracts, I’m sure this will too in some way.

We’ll see!

But much like my Grandmother’s LARGE bare soles as she lay there relaxed (no servant to press her feet, but there were plenty around her!) or the “older lady’s” feet in Anmol as sh erelaxed, and yes, they were being PRESSED! … I’ll always remember the picture I saw today.

PC in a still from the movie.

In the back seat.

With an obsequious looking “driver” (those are so popular in the subcontinent for whatever reason, I cannot fathom WHY! I’d rather drive myself!) driving her around.

And the main thought that came to mind?

Well, two.

One, Madam, you’re such a Goddess!

No skin show, but it shows through in her eyes. She was the perfect choice for the movie. Maybe Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif (especially her) but other than these two, I don’t know who would be able to play the part of an American “returned” Indian lady so convinicingly, right down to the “haute e couture!”

And no, again.

I have NOT seen the movie, have no plans to. But I know!

There was that scene I spoke about years ago.

The lady of the house was in the back seat. Driver driving her. Again India, I believe, but I’m not sure.

And then she put her HEELS up on the driver’s seat right opposite and in front of her!

“Hamare ghar me naukar ko aisa kiya jata hai!”


My hands BE shaking.

THAT black HEEL next to his EAR is fresh in my mind. I probably GOOF’d on the dialog, but whatever.

Basically it means this.

“Know your place, boy!”

And I do, Madam. I do.

Paye Lagu … Madam JI!!!!!



Mike Watson

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PS – The above is NOT mentioned in the book on “recollections” linked above and HERE. But there are plenty of other experiences – grab now – you’ll truly see what “femdom mixed in with MORE THAN A DOSE OF reality” means!

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