Do sissies make good babysitters?

Do sissies make good babysitters?

Well, well, well!

I was researching nailpolish while chatting with the lovely and intelligent “Dani”

Actually, I was talking about it with her. Yours truly sissified knows a thing or two about it!

Hehe. But you know how it is with smartphones literally “predicting” what we’re about to say, and think!

And as if on cue, just as I sent her an email, it popped up (much like my sissy COCK, hehe) on some site.

Cricket, I believe it was, that game where “Sachin” was revered as a “God of sorts” in the subcontinent where I grew up, but which I ain’t seen since.

Nothing great anyway.

But apparently “Tim Paine” And “Rishabh Pant”, respectively the two “keepers” for the Aussies and Indians were having some sort of go at each other.

Banter, you see.

And the former asked the latter if he would mind babysitting his kids while he “took his wife out” for dinner.

All said decidely non fetish wise.


Gotta love ‘em ball games!!

Even the outwardly macho ones (out of us ALL – believe me, some of the macho ones are the exact opposite in BED) love them. Hehe.

But it brought to mind Madam SU.

(I don’t really know the C of cricket to be honest).

(Well, I did, but no more)

Su – not the cuckoldress au extraordinannire.

But THAT Su who claimed she was ugly and then next time we chatted on WeChat?

I thought you were buying me a diamond, boy!

A couple of weeks later, I was talking to her about cooking and cleaning.

“Yes, clean the floor”, she said giggling.

But the giggle turned “sedate and regal” very soon.

“Cook is your job too, BOY!”

And the way she said BOY made me melt!

But the “crown” in this jewel, or perhaps the other way around?

“Can to come my house, boy!” was the message one night.

I was flumoxxed. You see, much like Sophia, this lovely lady is married with two kids that are old enough to get it!

Still she wanted it!

“Oh, just take care of my kids while I’m busy!” she giggled.

I told her I didn’t want to be a babysitter but I also told her that SHE probably didn’t want me to be one either.

“Madam, tell me the real reason!”

And it came after a few tries.

You see, as I said, she never needs to answer anything, but she often does if you GROVEL enough!

“So yo uan teach them English for free, boy!”

“Thats why I added you – BOY!”


And she wanted to use me, and abuse me, and I love her for it!

THAT is why she added me.

THAT is why I kissed her feet despite her saying she’s ugly while those LOVELY eyes bored into me!

And thats why I …ah, but I never did write the book. It can wait – for now. Joyce the Ultimate Queen and Pooja Memsahib .. VOLUME THREE is the next one out!


And so it goes.

As for YOU on this list, my friend, if you’re on it for “just the free stuff”, I gotta tell you one thing.

You’ll be disappointed, and might as well click away now.

No-one in life gets something for nothing, and if you’re NEVER going to buy a product or a course, or what not – well – might as well do us BOTH a favor – and click away NOW, hehe.

I said this on the other site, but Ill say it on this one too.

I’ll keep my pipes clogged. I love it.

But I’d rather keep th elist unclogged.

I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Sissies sometimes get cranky too, hehe, inc ase you’ve noticed.


(a dose of whats linked above is SORELY – pun NOT intended – needed!)

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!