Review - the book on RUINED ORGASMS!

Review - the book on RUINED ORGASMS!

Madam Daniela is just so perfect my friend.

And she read this book from a “vanilla” standpoint, and here is what she thought!

I forgot to send you the review of the book “ruined orgasm” so here you have (i will post in on Amazon when I get my account back lol)

I read this book from a “vanilla” point of view and I most admit I read it without knowing what a ruined orgasm was. I only have to say wow! Very interesting book with specific techniques to use on guys. I am sure even if you are in a vanilla relationship using some of these tricks will drive you man crazy and will thank you for that!



And that, my friend, is that for now.

For some reason Medium has decided that yours truly “sissy” has “violated” (pun intended, maybe not, hehe) their rule or what not, so I’m not making a lengthier post on this.

(It was originally supposed to be posted there but that might well be another one of the very long list of platforms I will LEAVE)


“Not like my cock, Madam Dani”, was what I told her when we discussed “long”.


Long cocks are so sexy, especially the ones that CURVE UPWARDS!

(and mine isn’t that short, actually. Especially when confronted with feet, ass, and … cocks, boy!

Feet and cocks, boy!

Feet and COCKS!)

And on that note, I’ll leave you. Ladies — DO ruin your man’s orgasm — the best ever!


Mike Watson

PS- I emailed Medium MORE THAN FORTY EIGHT hours ago … and I ain’t even got a SINGLE Response from them. Just pathetic. I mean, neither do I see any rules being violated, nor do I see anything that might. Medium — — I’ve got no doubt you’ll take my account down after seeing this, but really, at least do your readers the COURTESY of REPLYING! 

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