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Squats or SOLES?

They both left my head spinning!

But anyway, squats be “appropriate” on one of my other sites. Hehe (or a discussion on them).

So you say!

I don’t because one of the things Ms. Priyanka taught me was not just HUMILIATING and degrading for reasons more than one.

(I remember Jyoti with her lovely feet up on the table watching the movie, her TOES painted that lovely RED, those loegs, oh those LEGS! She’s much fatter, bigger etc now, but if she were to CROOK a finger at me NOW, I’d still drop down and lick her grime off her soles! THAT is femdom! BOY!)

And she taught me to “sit on my haunches”, which is essentially the Asian sqaut.

While there is FAR more to this than what I’m saying, and while I’ve written entire books on it, the point is this.

It is a position which is great for your health – and constipation.

It’s great to lend your balls to be kicked! They “hang” if you get my drift in that position!

And when you first start, you’re “helpless”, and she can kick you “over” – literally, with a light tap on her foot anytime!

With her foot, on your back or shoulders.

And Ms. Priyanka and Madam Pooja, not to mention the lovely young Mansi did it so often!

Today, I was cleaning a room in that position, and while I’m well used to it now, it still makes my head spin on occasion.

What really made my head spin tho – both (when Pooja removed the chastity device, hehe)?

Her soles!

Staring right at me in that position!

And even though I’m sitting comfortably thinking all this, and writing to you, my head and eyes are still spinning.

Her feet.


Truly what it’s all about, along with the KICK to the WILLING sub’s ass!


Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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