Mistress, Master’s, “lund’s” and MORE!

Mistress, Master’s, “lund’s” and MORE!

“Lund” being one of the Hindi terms for “penis”.

That lovely thing we all love to worship, hehe.

Well, ladies and cucks do. Sissies (extension of cucks) do as well!

(So they SHOULD if they don’t!)

(Reference what I told Thomas. It’s a long thing – – pun INTENDED – – but basically it was this. “All men should suck cock – at least once!” )

Well I told him that because “if she wants it”, then you better do it. Obviously. He claimed he got it, but he didn’t!

Anyway, Mistress and Master (oh, and why? Well, guys, if your shoving poles up asses and in mouth, you should KNOW what it feels like – to be both on the receiving end and the GIVING end. I’l lnever forget one of my ex girfriends (when I asked about anal) yelling back “I don’t want a broomstick up my ass, boy!)).

I do, but thats different.

Anyway, point of this?

Madam Daniela and me were “shooting the bull”.

As opposed to blowin him, hehe.

And she made the comment about “I’m a Master at that”

Or, “I’m a Master” there”.

What she meant was she KNEW about what she was talking about.

My response?

“The Mistress has a Master?”

“Well, sometimes she does!” I continued, giggling.

I Dont know why.

But Master Samit and HIS THICK MASSIVE DONG came to mind!

So thick was it that it was literally like a garden hose, even Jeromes wasn’t as thick.

But his head didn’t curve upwards.

It was a straight black monster, and we all know those curved cocks just hit the spot so well. Even Daniela agrees!

WHAT A GODDESS SHE IS, and I never tire of saying that!

Thank you, Senorita!

And my own cock is curved and phimotic.

Curiously enough the same lady who talked about not wanting broomsticks in her ass made mention of why she loved my curved cock.

Not so much in terms of giving me HJ.

“It’s too tough, boy! I gotta tug the skin up!”

Which is the right way, to be honest, if you think about it

NOT the way its shown in porn, and the way to suck is the way she did it, NOT how it’s shown in porn “bobbing up and down”.

No Bobbitting either, hehe.

Anyway, if you’re on this list, quit screwing around now, and pick up some of our books right HERE.

You know you’ve been wanting to, clicking, adding to cart, and not doing it …

Well – just do it – NOW!


Mike Watson

PS – India lunds are just a bit different. Dont know how to say it! But I’ve tried to explain in my most recent series “Pooja Memsahib …JI!” Grab NOW.

PS #2 – Madams often do what the studs want. Interesting! Did the Mistress beome a sub, you ask?

No way, boy! That COCK exists for HER PLEASURE. NOT YOURS! Even the studs know it, hehe. Remember, if they don’t ? That well aimed KICK. To the BASE of the BOLLOCKS!OH MY!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!