The fragrant, FEMININE smell of JASMINE …

The fragrant, FEMININE smell of JASMINE …

Girl should always smell good, and be soft to touch, boy!

So said perfect Madam Carol, and this was while we were climbing a HILL of all things.

She didnt even sissify me (not at that point. Hehe).

And she was so right. More right than she’d know.

Whats the first thing that screams “womanly” – either in a harsh  manner or gentle?

I wrote about Sophie’s mother before who probably doesnt smell good or “feel” soft, and yet, the EYES!



These older ladies truly do GOT IT!

And then, we have Sophie. Carol. My S.O. Right now. All fragrant, soft, womanly … and!

So as you can tell, women are Goddesses anyway, but this, my friend (what Carol said) should be rule NUMBER OBVIOUS ONE which most sissies (and cucks) ignore.

They focus more on DICK SUCKING.

But guys, listen up.

Just because you want to suck another man’s cock (lets face it!) … doesnt mean she’ll jump into that fantasy straightaway.

If thats all you focus on, chances are your cuck fantasies will never come true (I mention why in Cuck Central).

But if you focus on the overall package, making yourself attractive, sexy, and feminine for her – and making her giggle – the chances of it coming true and far higher and more realistic in many ways.

OPEN, my friend. And I dont mean your ASS. I mean your mind, hehe. 

And that is what I gotta say right now as the smell of FRAGRANT Jasmine perfume fills my lovely sissy nostrils …


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up “Mai, My INDIAN Maid” right here (she truly did sissify me from the word go!)

PS #2 – Learn how to be the perfect sissy for her right HERE.  (not for you cheapskates out there who say “its just femdom” and won’t fork out a red cent for anything. Red. Hehe).

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