Indian Femdom

Her STARING at you as YOU press her LEGS!

You’re squeezed in at the foot of the bed, boy!

And she’s laying there, comfortably …

And as you press her legs, her shins – could be Mistress Sophia, Mistress Jyoti, anyone (but those two names come to mind because they’re just so uber dominant, both of them!) … they’re looking at you.

Black eyes almost DARING you to look back – stare back – if you do – you’ll be BEATEN! 

And punished.

And so you should.

THAT SUPERIOR look – that vibe is what she’s all about!

And as she gazes at you absent mindedly, completely in control and relaxed and knowing it – your submission is ENHANCED FURTHER!

ITs that look in the eye, boy!

Thats one reason I could never get fully comfortable with my own feet being pressed – as I say in Sin City Diaries, some of the most downtrodden of CHinese girls have humiliated me in ways you’d never think possible.

A prostitute, lowest of the low in China … Madam Aa ling.

Or any of the others I write about!

Or, just normal girls.

Or, anyone! Even Indian maids …

ONE Look at me – and they sense the VIBE.

And it’s strong enough.

From there on, it’s all downhill for me, and uphill for HER!

And so she deserves!

It’s that look in the eye, as she lies there, COMMANDING you, STARING at you, more than the feet or commands – that LOOK as she gazes and sears through your SOUL! 



PS – Pick up the Indian Goddess series HERE, and Princess Joanie here – two of the most deliciously dominant ladies you’ll ever meet!

PS #2 – Delicious Dominance. Another book? Hehe.

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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