Indian Femdom


And pieces of doo doo, of course!

But anyway, I was cleaning her asshole which is my job.

Madam went to the bathroom (unexpectedly).

Maybe too much red wine early in the day, I dont know. I was drinking a Corona myself

But when Madam calls, you gotta …GO.

Pun intended, and maybe not . Hehe.

She went, and her poo is fine …

But as I was cleaning her asscheeks, and kissing each one profusely, I reverently stuck my finger in her canal, even though it was clean.

I often do that , just in case.

Not because of my mouth and tongue licking it later.

More because his dick will go in there.



BUT MOSTLY – because – it’s her asshole!

And as I did this it happened.

First time in my life. I saw the asshole pucker as it does so often, but I knew what was coming, and I didnt expect, it, and it came.


It might have been a SIPHON! 

And my face was covered in sticky liquidy SHIT.

And I still continued cleaning her, and she – MOST AMAZINGLY – just giggled!

Like it was just cum or foot dirt or SPIT on my face!

She giggled, all clean, and left.

I was there. kneeling on the bathroom floor.

The shit stains the pristine white floor I keep cleaning daily!

It’s there on the red rug!

(her footmat) (sometimes it’s me too!)

And even Pooja Memsahib who took so NICELY to this, and Ms. Priyanka never did this to me.

Perhaps it just never happened!

But anyway, Sophia was NOT the kind to “allow” me to clean her ass after she shat.

It took a while!

But once done – BAM!

And that visual – is so powerful!

Not just her shit, anything to do with her!

she truly holds the key to femdom, my friend.

YES – she does!

And get the book of her namesake now – and if you want women to dominate you forever, and / or even a single girl – lady – whatever – or even she male – well – do yourself a huge favor, boy – and get this book NOW.

There is a reason Princess Dani gave it the review she did!

I can see Mistress Jyoti’s cunning eyes, that GLIMMER!

And Dani’s too …


Mike Watson

PS – Now, the other thing? DO pick up the book I wrote about Pooja Memsahib – the only other one to take it this extreme, but as I sit here, finally clean – – even SHE didn’t take it so extreme!

Oh, that SHOWER – SIPHON of Sophia’s liquidy perfect SHIT!

I wont eat it.

But it’s heaven, as I can still smell it!

GOLDEN! It’s not even brown, it’s so heavenly!

She’s the perfect blend of … CHINESE AND INDIAN!

PPS – The above just gave you a tip on sissygasms too – be sure and avoid – we dont want YOUR shit out! Ewwwww!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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