What you truly WANT, footboy …

What you truly WANT, footboy …

I’ll say it again.

What you truly want, footboy is what – –  oddly enough what I will NOT and NEVER GIVE YOU!

Not for a million dollar either, hehe (those that dont believe me – TRY – and you’ll see!). 

Some things are priceless.

Much like I wouldn’t let the wack jobs who “want to be servants for women” and pester them incessantly anywhere NEAR said women . . .

And much like I wouldn’t let YOU (IF THAT IS YOU!) who just wants “women to play with” worship their shit – much less their feet and assholes like we all know you want, hehe.

Lets face it, cuckie boy …

Nothing turns you on more than a hot steaming LOAD – either out of a nice cock head – or his ass – or HERS – or even a steamy hot dump.

Think about it, footboy!

Or, perhaps a kick to the balls from both him and her.

A slim sexy stud with one or two girls next to him, resting comfortably.

He’s got three girls, all of whom are worshipping him (two on that cock and balls), and one on his nipples.

PErhaps one massaging him.

and you?

YOU have PAID for it!

And what do you get?


except what you REALLY WANT, of course. Hehe.

You get our FEET, our SHIT, our soles.

And you might even get lucky and I might just piss all over you – that golden shower you truly want, from my phimotic cock – which is truly, as Jeremy once said “so different that it attracts women by itself”.

He had a nice dick, and he was sexy and slim too!

And his cock stood up UPRIGHT.

Anyway, what about you, you might ask?

Well, like I said, no jerk off material here, sissy boy.

There’s plenty of that on the internet.

But if we were to be honest, right now, eyes goggling, tongue wagging, you’d give ANYTHIGN for her to dominate you and that SEXY DARK COCK I have in front of you … Hehe.

We all know it.

I do – you do – so does Madam.

And though you don’t get those for now, you get very vivid visuals in my books.

And, if yo ucan prove your worth, I might just introduce you to some women too (but you need PROOF first – as I said – a) a solid bank accounty, and a WRITTEN EXPLANATION Of what you truly want, and c) a membership to Watson faithful – not refundable).

I am, my friend, truly the very best out there in terms of femdom, and you know it very well!

Think about my soles, those lovely meaty soles as you finish reading this!



PS – Here is where you can pick up a book on HUMILIATION. (real life!).

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!