Indian Femdom

Her red fingernails, red, that lovely and favorite color of mine … !

Madam, Paye Lagu!

And I gotta say this. Red is indeed one of my favorite colors, and I love it!
Along with purple and green …
Anyway, I dont know. But her red fingernails is what I just saw. And it drove me nuts!
Her fingernails – my nipples – stud, or cuck – you decide!
Those lovely slim fingernails, painted RED!
Madam Carol loved red dresses and RED nailpolish.
These perfect CHINESE girls all love RED !
And Indian Goddesses – well – of course! Red as well.
Red is how it all started with Jyoti – aka Ms. Priyanka … those lovely FEET, those lovely toes painted RED!
And of course, her pink flip flops which are so dear to my heart still, years later, I can still smell her lovely soles on it!
Read more about her here, and be prepared to be amazed!
Mike Watson
Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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