Mistress Jyoti’s underarms. Immerse yourself, boy!

Mistress Jyoti’s underarms. Immerse yourself, boy!

Indeed – Cuck paradise, boy!


Mistress Jyoti would often make her slave – usually with nipple clamps and a dildo up his ass do this.

Right after her tennis match, detailed so well in the SECOND part of Serving an Indian Goddess . . .

And what she did with her socks, and made the slavish idiot (which is YOU, the reader) do ?

Well, that is in the book, and I won’t tell you here. Let me just say it’s beyond anything you’ve ever thought of or experienced.

Mistress is smiling at me now lovingly, and sneeringly at you. 

I can see her in a sari those FAT arms . . . NOW. 

SLim as slim can be BEFORE.

She’s still a Goddess, boy.

Her shit doesn’t stink – still.

And her armpits don’t either!

Actually, they do for you cuck, but you love it.

Remember, shoving your head into her armpits – and your tongue is an extremely erotic experience for her, and extremely humiliating for you.

Other things you can stick in there?

Nothing. Tongue. Hehe. Your dickie? Nope!

But you CAN stick your TONGUE in other places . . .

A real man’s asshole, fresh after a dump – or hers. 

A real woman’s SWEATY asshole after a long day driving.

Between her toes.

Not mine, I dont like that!

Or under my bollocks . . . 

The underside of my DICk . . . 

Inside the cock HEAD I have . . . 

Inside my elephant Snout . . . 

Cuck paradise for you, boy.





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Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!