The stud needs a foot massage, boy!

The stud needs a foot massage, boy!

Remember Princess Joanie, bitch boy?

Her on the cover of – – Humiliation Central, Cuck Central and indeed the book on her …

And her feet, actually!

And if you’ve got the book, you’ll learn about how this lovely young VIPER like lady ENSNARED me (and I’ve been called smart!) from the word go – without either talking to me – or even adding me on WeChat!

Those eyes!

That vibe floating through to me!

My word – that night – and I explained it ALL in the book, of course.

But anyway, while playing the Russian Roulette game that Madam “made” me play (and then was kind enough to let me not play when I wasn’t comfortable – but then made me buy her a DRESS anyway!! and more!) … I was getting delayed due to the translation issues (you know, the game was all in Chinese, and she obviously spoke just Chinese as I mentioned in the book, and so forth) …

And one of her curt messages told me all.

When translated it, said this.

“Hurry yo ass up, boy! I dont have all day!” 

This said because a certain deal was going to go kaput if I didn’t. MONEY!

Is Most important, hehe.

Especially for Princess Joanie, and I heard those words so many times over and over again (all in the book).

especially when she was on the beach.

Anyway, that brings me to my point here.

Picture this, you salivating cuck stuck behind your computer screen.

We -your STUD – your GOD – your MASTER is sitting on the beach, the surf washing over his precious feet, with a lovely Vietnamese dame in his arms, barefoot – and they’re in ‘Nam, not China.

A beautiful beach resort.

The stud is bare chested, in a pair of shorts, and his GOD like SOLES are visible as he idly swings his legs, which are ZINGING with energy due to the sunshine and water through the water, and they’re VISIBLE!

The girl’s in a long bikini of sorts, barefoot too, but you, cuck, is looking at the stud.

And his shorts.

We know it.

And that LOOK of dominance.

YOU PAID for his vacation.

YOU paid for his woman.

And he gets the woman, and you?

Well, you get to suck his dick – or perhaps his dollops of cum – but only if you PAY up- boy!

And it ain’t gonna be cheap – my cum is precious. As I wrote about in the last email, I dont just dissipate it anyway …

In fact, people have begged me to sell my used condoms and such, and I have not, because I only give my PRECIOUS DROPPINGS – to the – BEST OF THE BEST – because, well, the BEST – for the BEST – me!

I might let you press my feet for a while if you pay up though. I dont know.

But fact is, I dont think most of you will be able to fly to ‘Nam right about now with the COVID and what not, and even without, lets face it, cuck.

That bored and lonely existence behind the computer screen SALIVATING FOR US – and you get the picture – blue ocean waves – hills – 5 star resort – looks set to continue for you, hehe.

Especially those of you that haven’t figure out how to attract to you, and won’t learn

But you know what?

A close alternative is Garima Madam’s bitch.

In the book, written from the bitch’s standpoint – the book opens with just that.

“Michael” massaging the STUD’s FEET, as she sleeps in his arms, his DONG loosely draped on his balls, resting from the night’s exertions, beer bottles strewn around … 

No prizes for guessing who the SUPER STUD IS!

And his feet await, boy.

You might never get them in person, but why not get the best experience you can NOW?

Grab it right here.



Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!