The BRUSH off my SO gives that YOU LOVE, cuck!

The BRUSH off my SO gives that YOU LOVE,…

You love being humilated and ignored, don’t you cuckie boy!! ?

YEs, you do.

Especially if you’re a cuckold named “Schofield something” which a friend just told me about (apparently this Bozo is one of the types that messages women late at night asking them if “he can be their servant” and gets roundly KICKED away and blocked, and then gets all pissed off over it) …

Some troll from someplace, the UK I think? Not sure,  but a friend who he trolled as being “thefitnessGod” (which the friend is, hehe) – told me all about him.

And so did Madam Josie!

But we’ll get to that later.

First, yours truly TOO Has a fitness biz, except it’s owned by Miss V, and the brush off she gave MEN all the time at her salon was beyond compare or comparison, and she could reduce a Bozo to tears of frustration just by looking at him (her).

And you love that, sissy!


Anyway, my SO just got on the phone for business.

Some poor guy calling her asking for instructions.

She bellowed back.

“It’s MY PHONE, boy, not the company’s!” 

She used the term “boy!”. Literally!

The poor dude, hehe. He’s not into femdom, or cuckoldry. He’s just slow outta the gates, but the Bozo (this idiot my friend told me about) would probably love it.

So would you, cuck!

And if you’re sitting here gnashing your teeth reading this, yet with a hard on, yet frustated, guess what my SO does. She’s a tease par excellence, and after that bellow?

As dude spat out some words?


And she hung up on him and blocked his number. Despite it being for work.

Thats why she’s got CUCKS salivating after, and studly Mike to take care of her “other needs”. Hehe.

And you love it, my little cuckold.

Just admit it.

Anyway, this nut we spoke about before, this “Skofield” of sorts of what not.

Madam Josie was the girl he badgered, and she ended the conversation abruptly with a round “F-YOU!”

And once she did, he was BLOCKED.

For good, hehe, and he …

…but remember, cuck.

That sort of thing turns you ON, you pathetic little slut.

Licking asses, being humiliated, or asking MAdam Sadie to send you her used condoms (boyfriends, and he was extra large).


Aren’t your licking your chops, cuck?

Thing is, you can’t get some other than behidn the ‘puter.

And you’re too cheap to learn – well, most of you are.

Those that aren’t, go HERE.

And if you want to attract this sort of femdom to you DAILY, and on a regular basis, go HERE.

You will truly LOVE IT!



PS – I’ll have more updates on the idiot above soon – stay tuned!

But really, folks. Messaging women randomly asking them to be their servants or buying them shoes won’t work, boy.

Find out how to do it HERE.

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