Indian Femdom

When you want to cum SO DESPERATELY To her soles you can FEEL IT!

I mean, really.

I wrote about her bare sole HERE

And the exact situation, and why I’m insane with lust now.

And if any of you cucks saw it youd be SALIVATING AND WANTING TO give her your bank account right now, boy!

And if you don’t, you’re not a true femdom lover. And do NOT need to be on the list!

But anyway, I wrote about “serving her” on the list, right?

Sexually …

Sticking my tongue in, worshipping her ASSHOLE and ROSEBUD repeatedly, and her “G SPOT” as well!

Alternately, boy!

(though remember, tongues need to be washed if you first put them behind and then in her “sweet spot” as you’ll give her a nasty infection otherwise).

But after it’s all done, after the dildo is done having it’s way with her (remember, your sissy cock won’t enter her, boy, and remember – – there’s no real man around) ….

You see her soles again as she sleeps.

And you’d do ANYTHING for them!

Wouldn’t you?


Yes, you would!

You’re aching to touch you rCOCK to them .

In fact, you’d hump air happily like Empress Cody made me do.

And amongst many other more humiliating things, of course.

And you’d shoot massive loads, and be dissatisfied … right?

Well, cuckie, you do not have a SO right now to do this with, and neither will you – unless you start attracting here.

And if you don’t want to learn how to attract, well, the next best thing is to pick up and jerk off to (or sissy off too, hehe) erotic literature – right HERE!

Do so NOW, boy!



Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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