Blue track pants, tired and sweaty soles, and more!

Blue track pants, tired and sweaty soles, and more!

Imagine THIS, footboy!

Your Mistress comes HOME.

Tired, irritated, and sweaty.

First thing she does as you’re working out outside?

Is BANG the bedroom door shut!

No entry boy! I want my privacy!

But before she does that, she sees you, cuckie, catching a PEEK of her sprawled on the bed, legs spread wide apart in that pose I so often write about – without a care in the world – tired and exhausted, wearing blue track pants, and the FEET – and soles and ankles being the only thing visible, and they’re dirty!

The calves and thighs are FAT.

YES, they are, so are the SOLES!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!

And if she returns from a game of tennis, a SWEATY game of tennis with socks so rank that they smell just as you’re taking ’em off – well – it’s more footboy heaven for you, boy!

And Ms Priyanka did this – along with a super special treat for footboys and cucks that will make you salivate just reading about it.

No,I won’t let the cat out of the bag, but it’s one of the most powerful femdom tools ever!

Get the book, and learn what it is now, friend.

And fellow footboy, and femdom lover – I’ll be back soon!

Mike Watson

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Mike Watson
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