“You’re fierce, you’re ferocious”. Keep the fire within BURNING!

“You’re fierce, you’re ferocious”. Keep the fire within BURNING!

I just saw something on my S.O’s phone keyboard.

Some sort of a background which auto pop ups, and the FIRE (image of fire) within caught my eye.

I cannot remember the saying verbatim – what it said, I mean, but I do remember most of it.

“You’re fierce! You’re ferocious! Keep the fire within BURNING!” 

Now, this could be a motivational quote for anyone – men – women  -anyone!

Indeed I believe it is, and the original had the picture of a male lion.

I dont know why the male lion is so revered.

To me it is the TIGER that is the real king of the jungle, that stealth predator, that SUPREMELY STRONG And agile BIG CAT – along with the jaguar, another killer …

The male lion may look good, but it’s lazy for the most part.

The female lions do most of the work, and the male lions EAT.

Perhaps that is why lions have never been on my list of favorites, I dont know – but the real reasons of course are above.

But anyway . . .

Beneath it, was captioned “Happy Women’s Day!” 

And it’s so true.


YES! (Ms. Priyanka and the rest – especially perfect Madam Krystal – YOW!)

(The treatment her friend gave my balls – they still tingle!)

(You have to read the book – truly an inventive way of ball torture they dreamed up).

Ferocious – enough said!

And keeping the fire within burning – well, women, as Claude Bristol once said in the Magic of Believing are MASTERS are using the subconscious at doing just that.

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scored”. 

ever notice that women FIND a way to get what they truly WANT – either by hook or crook – unless the person in front of them has an equally strong mind and will?

Hint – most men do NOT.

And those that DO understand the power of sexual transmutation, and why being a SISSY and not “ejaculating” is the key to all of this, at an even higher level than women themselves.

Remember, the FIRE burns for men all the time – the SEXUAL desire which makes them move mountains, but most men, unfortunately dissipate their seed in worthless pursuits.

Hence what Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich about men not succeeding before the age of 40 because they spend most of their time sowing their wild oats.

Hey, I know how that is!


I’ve probably got more notches on the bedpost than ANYONE out there, but key is?

I didnt cum for most of them , or if I did, it’s like Madam Pearl made me do – check out the other email I sent recently for that.

Sissygasms, my friend, are the REAL KEY to sexual transmutation done right – even Napoleon Hill didnt, as far as I know, write about this, but he likely KNEW ALL about it.

And thats why I put out the premier course on it – NOTHING like this out there – and the price is set to go UP on this one very soon.

Grab your copy now.



PS – Remember, paperbacks available too.

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!