Why having a “headhunter” S.o. from India was the best thing that ever happened to me!

Why having a “headhunter” S.o. from India was the…

I first met the SO I’m referring to as a headhunter years ago in 2008.

I think so, at least.

The year before that, Mike Watson was on one of his numerous trips to the subcontinent, had done some work for an employer, but was looking to change jobs.

So he did the usual “submit resume” etc without much care or interest.

I didnt really want a job, obviously.

And I met “her”.

Madam R, let’s just put it.

Or Mistress R!

I’ll reveal all later, hehe.

But the way she spoke to, the “gay” manner in which she giggled, the things she said, innocence and DOMINATION BLENDED in … that LAUGHTER – it took me in!

And years later, as I press her feet, lick her ass, she speaks in anything BUT this way to me.

She’s bitchy, domineering, commanding and superior.

All from the inside out.

And you know what I tell her, when she talk to her “candidates” (she’s a headhunter, so talks to many)?

“Madam, please talk to this and flirt like you did with me!”

Which she giggles and calls the male ones “Sir” anyway!

She did that anyway as a matter of course without any real sexual reason behind it.

Sir and Ma’am seems to be a thing in INdia.

But now?

She flirts extra with all men.

who knows.

That next candidate could be ME.

‘All over again!

Except this time, he WILL Fuck her like she wants, and I WILL lick her ass – and the cum out of it – like I do so often!

Such a Goddess, and those FEET, those SOLES!

PAye Lagu, Madam – and remember, this was a girl that did NOT – I repeat – did NOT – take to femdom lightly or at all – she even badgered me into COUNSELING for it!

And the drastic turn around?

My, my my.

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Mike Watson

PS – And if it’s counseling she wants you to go to, might as well go to the REAL Deal.

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!