Why you idiot cucks need to press her HEAD over all.

Why you idiot cucks need to press her HEAD…


And you need to, boy, or she might well stomp YOUR Head and that won’t be pleasurable either.

Either the cock head or the “other big one”, hehe, and cucks use way too much of the former and less of the latter, and without further ado, here is one of Watson’s perfect quotes, just like perfect Indian Goddesses.

Press her head, press her shoulders,wash her feet, bring her drinks, whatever she wants! 

You’ve noticed this plenty of times, boy.

Pooja Memsahib, Garima Madam JI, And Ms Priyanka, Ms Pooja, Ms Mansi, and the rest …

It didnt start with kissing and pressing her feet which so many of you want to do but forget its all about her.

My S.O. is busy right now.

there were certain things she had to do.

“Dawai la!”

She just barked like I was LESS than chattel and a servant, with her feet up.

I had to write this, but she’s having a migraine, so I got it for her!

And before that, the oil, so I can press Madam’s head for a while.

And then take care of the chore she wanted to!

This is the point, my friend.

It’s all about HER!

And more women than you’d think suffer from HEADACHES and over thinking more than anything else.

And cucks begging for inane fetishes – well, not inane fetishes, but the way Bozos Schofield’s bring it up “Can I be your servant – good?” …

Press her head ,boy, she deserves it – and do so FIRST!

With OIL.

As the Chinese say – ADD OIL!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!