Eating RICE and CHOCOLATE CAKE – out of perfect Madam JI’s ass!

Eating RICE and CHOCOLATE CAKE – out of perfect…

You know something, boy?

Yours truly is a healthy eater (except for beer, which I admittedly down a LOT OF).

And cake?

Chocolate cake?

I love it, but I rarely have it. Or chocolates, for that matter.

My SO, of course – different story!

But anyway …

Let’s talk a bit about her!

She loves sweets!

Indian sweets – sticky sweets – and chocolate cake!

One time, to make it feel even better, I put a slice of cake – the TOPPING, the smooth creamy topping on her rosebud, and licked it.

So patiently, so nicely, drop by SLUDGE, it went into her ass …

As the stud making the cuck eat a BAR Of chocolate out of his ass (he put it in, the cuck ate out the SHAT chocolate) put it.

“Anything in one’s ass goes to the whole body!” 

Semen too, boy!

So thats more reason to take cocks up the ass, hehe.

Or madam Ji’s big toes, just to remind you what “could”.

And your tiny cocklet (smaller than her big toe). I just saw a fat Indian AUNTY do just that!

Oh my! Those ROLLS OF FAT, and the look in her eye as she bent to give a tiny cocked stud a BLOWJOB!

With layers of fat  – triple around her stomach and the saggiest stomach ever!

And the Indian guy?

FAt hairy stomach, so sexy!!!! 

He’s getting the blowjob, and I’m getting …

Ah, but anyway. Not cum out of ass for this one!

So as I did this, there was a “cherry on top!”

Of the cake.

Pretty please, Madam with a cherry on top, as it went in. 

Liquid chocolate is one thing, but the cherry?


She farted it out – right on my nose – and there was I, cuck the clown!

And the best ever was eating CHINESE style STICKY rice out of her ass.

It stuck so well to her backside, the insides, and I truly was the lowest of low as I did it, scraping off sticky crud with my tongue!

And, CLUMPS would come out, which I’d eat! Happily! 

Oh, that lovely BIG BROWN ASS< those cheeks I’d DIE FOR!

And she enjoyed it.

Paye Lagu, perfect Memsahib!



PS – I did this with Aa Ling’s mom too, but haven’t mentioned it in the book, but will in future volumes.

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!