My super bitchy significant other, her constantly expanding ASS and why thats good – and trouseres feet, crossed at the soles!

My super bitchy significant other, her constantly expanding ASS…

It’s certainly manna from heaven for me!

I’ve been talking a lot about my SO over the past few weeks, and indeed the past few days – and if you on this email list have paid attention give me a “Hell Yeah!”

Or, a Yes Sir!

Hehe …

But she’s been nothing but super bitchy, condescending, arrogant, BRATTY and ENTITLED – not to mention the high heels and door slamming everywhere she goes!

And again, from the “sweet” girl she was when I first dated her, when she bought me so many things, and I was telling her not to (though to be fair I took her out, I wined and dined her a LOT, and all that ) … to this super bitch?

The super cunt?

The super cunt with the oh so perfect feet I ruin my orgasms to, get humiliated to, serve, lick, worship – and LOVE!

The ass that is constantly expanding, and probably thats another reason she’s in a bitchy mood, but truth be told …

… I LOVE that big ass!

And I love it expanding, hehe.

I just saw a quote “Women with slightly larger asses live longer than the MEN who call ’em out for it“.

For me, I’d rather Madam be fat for obvious reasons – but that doesnt mean she should be unhealthy!

But anyway, my super cunty SO has now got a lovely “anklet” around her ankle.

She’s lying on th ebed, with an arrogant irritated expression on her face.

The “always in a bad mood, and I’m always right”, boy!


Calling out to be PRESSED!

As I went into the shower, it was ALL I could do to keep from not jerking off.

Ruined orgasm time tonight!

Anyway, enough of this.

If yall want to apply, shoot me an email and we’ll see if your eligible.

Watson faithful members will be considered FIRST AND FOREMOST.

(those that want in – simply getting the membership doesnt qualify you to be the next cuck for her!)

Believe me, this Goddess has high standards, or she’s trying to aspire to them, anyway, as she should !!

All them Korean Soap operas!

I’m out – and I’l lbe back later!


Mike Watson

PS – Scintillating tales of Indian femdom right HERE.

PS #2 – As for how I got my SO to turn into the dominant force of nature that she is without bringing it up, forcing her, or anything (indeed, when I brought it up she rejected it UBER FAST) – well – learn the tips and tricks HERE.

Mike Watson
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