Indian Femdom

Mistress T, you’re so goddamned …. PERFECT!

I dont know how I came upon her on the Internet, but “come” I did!

Sissy style, with my significant other’s eyes gleaming at the BLACK COCK she so often sucks (and so does my SO, except her dark cocks are Indian). Hehe.

Garima Madam JI, and then some!

But anyway this lady Mistress T?

I really dont know her from Adam – or eve!

I have NO idea whatsoever – and have never ever communicated with her, unlike the other ladies I write about.

And have served!

But Mistress T is just so perfect my friend. Her site is, and if you want to go there, by all means do so – and SALIVATE – and worship. This isn’t something I am or will get paid for. It’s HER, HER, HER!

And its a way of giving back – her videos on cuckolding for one has caused this sissy many a sissygasm, and her lover has a lovely “KNOB” at the end of that black dick!

Not one of my MOST favorite cocks, but cock is cock, boy!

Yes, Ma’am!

And his isn’t long like I like but it’s thick, he wears a cock ring, he’s got a chest to die for, and the bubble butt too.

What perfect ass cheeks they both have, and those lovely BOLLCOKS! 


And of course, those balls, and the way he cums … SPURTS heavily that first time! 

Anyway, like I said, I dont know why I wrote about this.

But I’ve written plenty more on this – both in terms of cuckolding – and FEMDOM!

Click the links above for whatever your poison is – and believe me, if you dont want to “experience the real thing” – then my books will paint a picture as close as you can ever imagine, BOY!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!



PS – Oh, and I’ve OFTEN said and say damn near daily, it ain’t about age, looks, or anything – it’s about HER MIND!! HER MIND! HER MIND! And Mistress T is an older lady “cougar” that encapsulates this so perfectly – paye lagu MAdam!!!

PS #2 – No, and for the IDIOTS and MORONS that think Im doing this as a quid pro quo arrangement, no, I’m not – none of what I mention on either site is done that way – I just believe in giving credit where it’s due. She’s a perfect Goddess, and doesnt know me from Eve, hehe. Neither do I! So get THAT out of your mind if it’s there, or ASK her if you dont believe me, hehe. 

Sometimes, you just gotta kiss feet and applaud TRUE DOMINANCE and superiority and PERFECTION!! 

PPS – Older women have a way of “looking at you”, raising the LEFT eyebrow, and saying “THANK YOU!” when you compliment them – because they KNOW THEY ARE SO SUPERIOR! QUIETLY pleased, satisfied at having brought YET another male to their knees, and while Princess Joanie, and all the young PERFECT STUDDESSES have their own BEST way too – it’s so hard to choose which is best – I can feel those kicks to my balls Ms. Priyanka gave me – – older ladies – oh – my!

Paye Lagu, Susan Memsahib … JI!

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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