More on Mistress T and her STUD . . .

More on Mistress T and her STUD . .…

I was thinking about whether or not to write this. Indeed, Mistress T is the first lady I’m writing about without knowing her from Eve – Mistress Eve – but cuck “Adams” just had to do it!

In Outwitting the Devil, Napoleon Hill speak of a time when he was in deep strife (one of the two times he mentiones in the book – well one of three actually) – and he mentions how the Universe, or his sixth sense spoke to him.

“You have been a stubborn student! Realize you will find happiness by finding others find it!” 

“Go home right now, and start transferring the information you have gathered in your head – the mission of your life – to paper!” 

Now, there is more to this.

But Hill was speaking of staying true to your mission in life, and how no matter how hard you try, youre brought back full circle to what you’re meant to be.

I mention a variant of this in Serving an Indian Goddess – – the Sequel, but it’s the same, really!

Studs are studs, Madams are Madams, and cucks will always remain cucks!

Sissy or not, hehe.

Outwardly studly or not . . .

Now, I wrote that last post on Mistress T. 

For a while after that (after lunch) I wrote another post, and then lay down, thinking about her and her stud.

I thought about emailing her directly – just to send her this!

I mean, if it helps her, why not?

Goddess should make MONEY!

And if I can give her some free publicity, happy to!

(but obviously, this older lady is uber special, and her stud – well, that cock, and the way he cums – the FIRST spurt! – but it’s HER thats uber special, it’s because of HER!).

Cocks are cocks, and I’ve seen so many and assholes.

But her stud?

I dont know, it’s because of HER that I’d worship him!

Kiss his smooth chest – sissy style.

Lick and suck his nipples to please him as Mistress T licks too, his earlobe – his nipples, his chest!

Or, the two of them on the couch, me between his legs, worshipping the treasure he has either up front – or the musty back!

Shining his boots as he puts them on either my back or face!

HE’s so perfect, and she’so perfect, I’d look at shit coming out of their asshole all day, and worship, much like with Pooja Memsahib and Miss Sophia!

But especially Pooja Memsahib

And of course, that cum of his … stale, fresh, leftover, frozen, and Mistress taunt’s delivered not so directly, gentle yet CUTTING voice, older lady style, those lovely thick arms and “not visible” breasts, that fair skin, and THEIR SOLES!

SO, SO perfect, and as they “look down” in the POV vantage video, I’m luving it!

I’d do anything to give HIM ultimate pleasure, that real man COCK of his, that P spot  (yes, the techniques in that book work for sissies doing it to STUDS too!) . . ., and debase myself in front of Madam!

Cuck paradise, eh.

Paye lagu, Madam!

You deserve it!




PS – Check out the book on Princess Joanie right HERE.

PS #2 – Forgot to say, I debated it for a while. Although I normally “just do it” (and hindsight being 20/20 and that DREAM I had last night coming very true in all it’s vivid detail as it usually DOES … I might well regret it), in this case? Madam might not “need” stuff written for her! But, it’s an ode to her anyway, so here goes – albeit indirectly!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!