Indian Femdom

What I’d do if she shat on me, and the HOLY TRINITY for every cuck and footboy . . .

CPS, or perhaps SPC, Or perhaps . . .

But anyway, we’ll get to that.

What would I do if she shat on me?

My face?

Like Pooja Memsahib almost did once?

Like Ms. Priyanka almost did?

And like lovely Sophia DID – her “last remaining POO” hitting me STRAIGHT and SQUARE in the eye (emphasis on “straight” – not – hehe) . . . like hippo poo, sticky and “treacly”?

Lets say Mistress T, a perfect lady  I don’t know and never probably will did it on me?

I’d simply kiss her lovely ass cheeks, kiss her feet (after cleaning my face) and clean the mess up, and request her tom ake more of a mess in general so her cuck and footboy could clean it up.

It’s just normal to do!

Ditto for her stud.

That lovely black ass, that BULBOUS cock head! (Mistress T seems to prefer cock heads on the bulbous side – so do I – but even if the cocks aren’t especially long, and I love long ones, I’d do it anyway).

It’s not about what cock the sissy likes, it’s about worshipping stud cock like “God”.

Which, for a cuck it IS god!

His heavenly piss, shit and SEMEN . . .

Her heavenly piss, shit, CUM, and dominance!

Truly the holy trinity for any cuck, and I love it!

So should you cuck. So – should – YOU!



PS – And no, I dont get anything from mentioning Mistress T, but I WILL mention her, I WILL give her free publicity, and I WILL Thank her for it if she asks, because she’s  a royal Queen that deserves every bit of adoration and sissy admiration she gets, and then some!

“Fact”, as a certain Bozo I wrote about before would say!

(He’s currently pestering others – I’ll write more on that soon).

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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