Indian Femdom

“Talwe Chat!”

A notification popped up on my dumbphone.

Something about “Tawa Ghost or Biryani” – both being dishes served in the subcontinent – both meat based.

“Tawa” from what I know is a grid iron kinda thing … I dont know, like a semi circular dome which you put dough on, and then make “rotis” (flatbread etc) . . .

Ghost in English is, well, ghost – and in Hindi? Pure meat!

Anyway, when I saw the above “Talwa Ghost” came to mind!

Meaty soles! INDIAN SOLES!

What do I mean?

Well, I’ve written about many a dominant force of nature (female!) – and certainly many of the Indian Goddesses in that regard!

While Chinese femdom is mostly my brand – I STARTED out with Indian femdom – rightfully so, because Indian femdom has it’s own “taste” for some reason!

Its just different, yet Asian in many ways, much like the dichotomy of a country it is in many regards (most).

But anyway, Hindi isn’t a strong suit for me, and I’ve made no bones about that.

And … that was of course the first thing Ms Priyanka started to teach me after getting me underfoot!

Same thing for Ms Garima.

And while I have written PLENTY of recollections as well in terms of Indian femdom, these two were the ones that taught me the language better than anyone else.

Actually Garima didnt teach me as much as Priyanka did.

But they taught me “Per”.



A “holy” way to refer to feet, often used for real Gods and Goddesses. Guess who I used it for!

But a brutally denigrating term they often used was “Talwe”. 

Literally translated, it means SOLES in Hindi.

Lick my soles, boy!

Imagine that said to you in a cruel, imperious, oh so dominant way as she LOOKS DOWN AT YOU!

Dominance DRIPPING from her – and her voice!

Then add in the language twist.

Remember, as I have said so often, talking to her in her own language is something that cannot be replicated in English especially if it’s a foreigner doing it whose not suppose to speak the language at all!

And for some reason, as I talk to Madam Peng, and she asks me what else I’ll do for her other than pay her bills, press her feet … and … 

“Madam, of course the housework! You’re too good to do it! I should do it, so you can relax with your boyfriend!” 

She doesnt have one – as yet.

But I’m sure with a sissy pimping for her, she will!

As I did so often with Empress Cody – one of those series I haven’t pimped much, hehe, but I’m doing so now.

For BRUTAL FEMDOM – the above is your ticket. Grab it now!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

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