Perfect Miss Raghavan . . .

Perfect Miss Raghavan . . .

She was actually a middle school “head of teachers”, or something if I remember.

Now, Madam Vandana is probably the one I’ve written about the most, as well as my 8th grade Civics teacher who taught young Watson a lesson he’ll never forget, right down to the corporal punishment … and most bizarrely enough, for something I never did!

But anyway, she made me kneel in front of the entire class for “laughing at prostitutes!”

I dont know if she knows it, but the amount I worship ladies of the night and other “downtrodden” maids in India etc?

And the fantasies I had about them back then?

I dont know if she’s read this site, or the other!

But I think, especially given with what I’ve written about Aa ling, and all the others in Sin City Diaries, Madam would forgive me and then some!

She didnt teach me the lesson.

She merely, through a twist of fate INGRAINED it into me!

(for something I never did, and of course, Indian ladies punish me so often for something I never did, hehe).

But anyway, that Miss R I’m talking about …

Miss R rings true!

She was a lady with Chinese (or Asian heritage).

My lasting memories of her are in red saris, telling kids to behave themselves and what not.

She first caught my eye in 8 th grade.

I’ll never forget the way she touched my shoulder in ninth grade when I returned to school from a bout of dengue fever, something which according to my friends should have killed me.

Many other things in life should have too, hehe, but they didn’t.

What doesnt kill us can only make us stronger!

And Miss Deepa (I believe that was her name, but I cannot remember fully) was gorgeous, and another perfect example of a lovely lady “iron hand in a velvet glove”.

Small feet … Asian style (though she was Indian, I believe? I ‘m not sure).

And toes always painted red.

The fingers often were too.

But remember, sissy!

She did housework unfortunately, so the fingers were often not painted, but the sleeveless saris she wore – oh my!

I still remember those creamy fair arms!

And I’d press them ANY DAY!

“Remember, boy! The toenails always need to be painted!” 

And I can almost feel her saying it!

With those lovely feet, and toes painted red in front of me!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib … JI!

No matter what your age now, you’re still GORGEOUS!


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