Why I so want a Bengali Ballbustrix to … put me in my place!

Why I so want a Bengali Ballbustrix to ……

“Porishkar KOR!”  (Clean it)

And much like the “kar de” in hindi, it’s basically ” do it said in a very rude manner to inferiors!”

The words ring out in Mike Watson’s “seven year old” mind, as at that time in Bengal, the “bourgeoise” and their servants were very much active!

Now, I’ve made no bones of the fact that this practice (having household servants that are treated as SERFS and nothing else, and humiliating and abject degradation is part of their daily JOB) is abhorrent in “real life”.

IT exists all over the subcontinent, not just in Bengal!

And not just in the “massive old house” I sometimes went to as a kid, overrun with roaches – and with tons of MAIDS around!

If you’ve read 16 Indian Femdom Recollections, you’ll read about … “My grandma’s feet”.

You’ll read about “Manju the Indian maidservant!”

She was such a Goddess, and brought men home when she thought no-one was looking (and of course, the adults idiotic enough to think Watson was “too young” said it around him, and …)

But I remember, my 15 year old self was sitting there, she brought us water (I was sitting with someone) … and that long flowing black hair, that saree, those bare feet (as you know from “Serving an Indian Goddess“, Indian servants and males like Mike watson who suffer even more aren’t allowed to sit on chairs – or wear SHOES OR FOOTWEAR, boy!)


That is drummed home into me daily too, hehe.

Ms. Priyanka was the best, but she often spoke of Bengal.

The Bengal Tiger. 

And Bengali ladies!

ALL the Indian ladies I’ve written about so far, including the latest Pooja Memsahib … JI! have been from the Northern part of the country, but I am told Bengali ladies are even more dominant!

So I’m told, at least.

And being it’s next to China, the MECCA AND MEDINA for you femdom lovers – I’d agree!

(even though I know nothing about Bengal other than what Priyanka taught me wiuth smacks to the head!)

And the language?

I know a few words.

But I dont even know how to say “memsahib” in Bengali!

Anyway, that was originally an English word I believe, or the Brits brought it, then it became part of the lexicon and so forth.

Anyway, I’ve also been dreaming of a Bengali BALLBUSTRIX as of late.

from what I can tell, the Bengali language is a lot “softer” in many regards, than the “rough and crude” Hindi!

And it would be such a turn on for her to flick my nipples, me “cum like a sissy”, and her with that soft Bengali giggle.

“Beriya Gache!” She’d say. (it came out?)  

Gadha! (idiot!) 

They even have a Goddess like Bengali actress, I believe Bipasha Basu …

Anyway, enough on that.

But I want it, and much like Henry Ford, I’ll have it!


And for those of you emailing me about “Indian language” books – well, sorry.

We;ve got our books translated into Spanish, Portugese, even Chinese!

But Indian translations haven’t been done as yet for whatever reason, but if you’re interested, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!


Mike Watson

PS – Those Bengali ladies got me so fired up that I forgot to say “Im out”. Well, I’ll say it now!

PS #2 – Please make sure to sign up with proper email addresses ie. if you have a gmail.com adddress, it shouldn’t be .co.com! All good either way, but if the email address is wrong our emails wont get to you. On another note, if you’ve put in the right address, still can’t get our emails after you’ve checked spam etc, then let me know – we’ll see what we can … DO!

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