Keeping Madam Ji well oiled, her 2.5 kg FOOT slamming down on me repeatedly, those lovely fat THIGHS AND HAMSTRINGS!!!!

Keeping Madam Ji well oiled, her 2.5 kg FOOT…

And her lovely butt, her ass, her holy spot within!

It’s probably around 10 kgs.

It’s soft.

NOT shapely.

But I love kissing it. Every inch of her lovely butt cheeks, and of course the holy spot , her “sewer” as it were within!

Madam was lying on the bed, one leg up in the air, on her stomach, and her FAT hamstrings were visible, and her SOLE!

Oh my!

It brought back memories, all very recent, of that foot CRASHING down on me giantess style so many times, and those ROUGH hands on my nipples, like Pooja Memsahib’s!

She’s such a Goddess, and she’s looking for a new cuck – is my significant other Madam “R”!

She truly is, hehe.

If you want to apply, let me know.

But, you’ll have to prove yourself worthy first, of course.

Anyway, in an Indian movie of yore I remember seeing with perfect Ms. Priyanka, the star of the film was giving to the baddies with his “dhai kilo ka haath” if I remember the Hindi right!

his 2.5 kg hand!

He was quite a solidly built man!

And while I dont know ANYTHING about the dude, the dialog stuck.

For me, it’s all about Madam’s lovely 5 kg sole!

And her 15 kg ass, or more, hehe. 

And those fat “horse like” “ghodi” legs slamming down on my face, or slamming into my bollocks like only SHE CAN! 


Paye Lagu, Malkin Ji!

And on another note, a friend was asking me if keeping Madam’s “well oiled”was a key to avoiding “strife and trouble”. Hehe.

If you get my drift.

He meant keep wining and dining her, with more emphasis on the first!

Well, that was an idea I suggested to him, and I was right on that one.

But more than that?

Oil her back, oil her ass, and keep massaging her too, boy!

For me, oil has many different connotations, not to mention that well lubed hole of mine, my sissy hole . . .

And that, my friend, is that.

I’m off to worship her giantess like soles now.


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson
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