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To the idiots that message me saying “Hello” and then … CRICKETS!!

… There’s that vibe. It stinks!!

I mean, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve got message on WeChat, Twitter etc where they say “Hello!” and then crickets.

IN all cases, not even wrong once, these people WANT something from you that they’re not willing to mention upfront, and this to me makes them even worse than the Bozos and Idiots like Glyn Schofield that pester people up and down about wanting to suck their schlongs, go to hockey fields “bro sucks” or what not, and of course, as my fitness friend told me – the infamous “Madam Josie” episode.

Nothing if not Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (bipolar and more) is that dude, and my friend would have never guessed the monster that lurks within if you get my drift if it had not been for Josie telling him (though oddly enough, my friend does web development and this same bozo messaged him about websites – my friend knew he was drunk, so ignored it, but the signs were there – Bozo hid ’em well tho!).

Like all pyschos do.

But this isn’t about the Bozo.

This is about something else ..

The guys I’m talking about, or girls – NO I’m not calling them Bozos or equating them to him, but the vibe?


I mean dude, or dudette, at least SAY something other than “hi”.

It’s usually always said to “see how the other person responds”.

“Lets see if he responds” is the drift of the message.

Maybe some people will.

Not this crank though, hehe.

I’ll just call you out for it – male or female! Or in between!

I mean if you gotta say something, just say it … unless…

… you KNOW the request will be denied, because NO, no freebie.

And no so called business opportunities that benefit you while doing squat all for me (no, giving you free publicity doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll get anything in return my friend).

Not to mention the steady stream of requests I get to “follow people”.

“Follow me already!”

When you’re already retweeting the person, sharing their content, without expecting zilcho in return …

Follow me!

Like, why? Its stupid for one this fixation people have with followers.

(and especially when said people NEVER follow YOU back)

The day you get banned off Twitter (I did) and Instagram (I did, and I never bothered to get back on) and it usually happens for something NOT your fault … is the day you’ll understand why building your OWN model (not necessarily just a website either) is a good idea.

And then some.

I’ve seen way too much of these folks with 1M plus folllloooooowwwwers rise high, live it up, then crash and burn back on the street after their favorite social media platform banned ’em.

Happens all the time.

But even if thats not the case , just saying “follow me” with nothing else won’t get you follows. Not from me.

It’ll get you plenty of Bozos that don’t pay though if you get my drift.

And thats not the sort of people your truly wants to follow, or wants following him.

And there it is, my friend.

Back soon!

Best, Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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