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Why findominans are the most caring ever, and why Pearl was (is) the best at it!

Pearl, Madam Pearl, that lovely lady I met in Shanghai – one of many!

I’ve met Princess Sherry, who looted me and ass raped – and wallet raped me – and laughed at me, and ran away.

I’ve met plenty a sex worker who humiliated me, made me pay her (when that was NOT the original deal) – and ran away!

(And therefore Sin City Compilations – the most sizzling ever, you’ll want to get your hands on this – your grubby little hands if you’re into femdom – and if you’re a lady, those lovely manicured hands – on this – NOW! Truly the best!)

And those into Findom, of course you’ll want to read the compilation here. Truly great, great value for money – pun intended, and not!

but anyway, Madam had serious competition from Princess Joanie, who I’ve waxed lyrical about – and rightfully so.

But if I had to choose one?


Ive detailed how I met her, how she wallet raped me from the word go in “Submissive Musings in Mainland China – Volume one“.

I’ve included pictures -those lovely feet!

But I’ve NOT told you what happened one day after she wallet looted me.

I was leaking.

I wanted more!

She took more.

but then …

“Oh, honey!” she giggled.

“Use your hand now, please”.

I was stunned. Couldn’t believe my ears. Madam was actually asking me to have a real man orgasm, albeit with my hairy palms??

“And send me video!” 

OK, that I could understand.

Lots of girls have made me send them humiliating videos (if you’re one reading this, I’ll probably do it for you too!)

But ..

I asked again.

“But Madam, I dont want, I … ”

Truly – I’ve conditioned myself to want only ONE type of orgasm – ruined – and pleasure/release – sissygasms!

Anything else seems like anathema to me – oh, nipplegasms as well – the best ever for me because I dont even touch that worthless cock of mine.

I just loko at Madam’s tongue, her lover’s cock, his balls, his asshole, Madam’s ass, and I flick my nipples, thats all it takes, and what BLISS – I start cumming instantly!

Sissy cum of course.

But anyway, I came.

Sent Pearl the photo. Except, it wasnt a real man orgasm of course so I was still horny but the point is this.

She – as well as any serious findomina knew when enough was enough.

She had taken over $1000 already that day, hehe.


And she wanted to feel something.

Care for me, perhaps?

She was talking to me as if “the fetish part was over, and now it’s two lovers back together “as normal”” if you get my drift.

And so I did what she said, except of course I didnt real man cum, so stayed horny anyway, but I gave her what she wanted – sissy talk in bed!

With our arms together.

So romantic, I remember kissing her deeply!

But you can look at this two ways – one, she liked me.

She did, of course.

BUt the second?

The most artful findomina ever, doing it with real love, care, passion and emotion for the sub and his needs!

Which is what it’s all about in terms of BDSM, more so than vanilla relationships.

Despite all the hoo haa about “her way or the highway”, fact is these girls/ladies do a tremendous job of caring for not THEIR needs, but sub needs – at least the succesful ones!

And PEarl truly was that!

“I took old man’s iPhone, then I ran away!”

Such a Queen and Goddess!

And I’d click over and read about her if I were you!

Back soon!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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