A Tiny Todger just blocked me on Twitter…

A Tiny Todger just blocked me on Twitter…

It’s insane, my friend.

One, how sensitive some people are.

And two, how people are so ashamed of their dicklets – while publicly proclaiming they are the best thing ever, privately?

I saw this post on Twitter I commented upon – a nasty dick to be honest.

A tiny cocklet, dicklet, pricklet, actually!

But I was pretty nice in my response. I just laughed at it and said “now THAT is worthless!”

Because it is!

It’s good to be laughed at. And It’s good to salivate over for big black cock, that I’ll give Paw Paw!

(this was a FAT older dude with bitch tits hanging down to his tummy, and even if he DID have a big dick, it would seem tiny! As the Chinese say “pang ren qiu dian” fat man have small penis) …

I mean, dude was FAT.

My stud friend on the other site wouldn’t be as polite and would call him a “phat Phocker”.


But it’s funny, he sent me a peeved response along the lines of

“Im proud of my small cock!” and he called me a few nasty names.

I then attempted to soothe the waters.

I told him I have a tiny pricklet, far tinier than his (he sent me a long rant on how I didnt post pictures of my dick while laughing at his) … I told him it’s only good for release, not orgasms, that its stomped on regularly by Sophia “little stinky” – and that the only cock worth worshipping was big black cock, and  I said I too, am TRULY proud of all this, and …

(I even posted my cuminpant picture!!)

…. and of course, he got even more pissed.

I dont get it, friend.

I mean, if you’ve got a tiny little cock, you know it’s got two uses!

One, to be laughed at.

Two, for your women to want big black stud dick!

Truly men with little cocks are worthless, except as submissives and male human ATM’s – so why not, as so many cuckolds have – ACCEPT That role?!

This guy truly was (maybe) Bozo Schofield though, from what my stud friend in fitness told me (after I informed him about this).

I Dont know.

I’ve never seen the Bozo.

But from what my friend describes, he looks and acts just like him, and when I went to Twitter to check him out again?


“Not a lot to work with neck up though”, I had to tell him!

I mean,dude’s just so uppity and sensitive, needs to be brought down a peg or two. FIrst thing you know, he’s posting his cocklet, says hes proud of it, then when someone gives him a virtual high five on that, he bitches about it.

He truly does need big black cock to suckle upon, and up his ASS, hehe.

Maybe he can’t get none, hence the bitchinees!

You know how women get with no real man sex.

Sissies are worse! Hehe.

Anyway … he sent me this.

“You truly are … You are absolutely” …

I couldn’t read the rest.

He blocked me.

Much like my friend says BOzo Schofield did him years ago.

Oh well.

Enough of Bozos.

Say Paye Lagu to all the girls you can today, friend. Mean it! They all deserve it!

And if you’ve got a tiny cocklet, accept your place in life, and learn how to worship real man long stud dangling cocks HERE.

Ill be back!


Mike Watson

PS – This dude was also posting pictures of himself captioned “Todger Thursdays”. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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