what my SO just said about being NAKED.

what my SO just said about being NAKED.

My friend,

The subtitle for this one sayus the following.

My , my , the lengths that Mike Watson has plumbed. Depths, too!

True! Lengths of that cock and of course, my own plumbing regularly probed so well now it doesn’t need to be even probed physically, it just vibrates on auto pilot, keeping yours truly in a state of bliss ALL DAY LONG!

Paye Lagu, Malkin!!

Paye Lagu, Malik!

Insert ass and feet in there too, hehe.

Both HIS soles and HERS!

Manly long soles, and feminine ones, like Garima Madam introduced me to!

But anyway, my S.O. was in a blanket.

I went to tell her something (ask, I believe), and it suddenly flew off, there she was like THAT girl I wrote off in the Mei Yi Jia in China who looked like she had nothing on (feet up on desk, ultra short shorts, you get the picture, ultra long white T Shirt!) … except Madam here truly had nothing on.

Right down to the shaved pussy.

“It’s just my foot” , she giggled nonchantly while covering up. 


To her, it was nothing!

THAT is the impact conditioning can have – for me, when that means nothing, and when SHE is so comfortable with me around as a cuck that her nakedness means nothing!

“It’s my foot!” 

She said that NOT on purpose. Auto pilot, she doenst evenKNOW!

More than anything else, it’s the sheer nonchalance and “whatever” part.

Yes, I’m naked, she might as well have left.

But he’s a useless sissy!

Thank you Madam! SO MUCH!

And for you “losers” who want NOTHING but to NOT Have sex, yet your woman keeps forcing you into it?

Apply the tips and techniques in my bestselling course – “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” and you’ll never need to worry about being a real man again. 

Leave that to the REAL REAL MEN!

(yes, works for all ladies, in all situations!)

And of course, folks – leave – REVIEWS!

I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
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