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Why I so dearly love women calling me dear!

Looking at me, a so called real man, like a deer thats stuck in the headlights of a fast approachign car called TRUE AND REAL AND LASTING FEMDOM!


And I’m rooted to the SPOT, hehe, in more ways than one, plenty of pun intended!

But that look aside, women have often called me dear.

Most do.

They then snuggle buggle up to me, and do “honey do’s” or dearie dos.

They’re so comfortable with me!

They … but wait.

If it’s sex women have wanted from me, and many have ?

Like Madam Su, before picking up on my cuckold tendencies did – she sent me nudes of herself.

Legs. Breasts. EVen another man plowing her.

But ,she didnt send me feet and ass!

But, there was a reason she sent even that. Perhaps even she didnt know consciously, but the subconscious worked its magic the day she sent me that message on the way back from class, that photo, her sitting on the beach, sunglasses, looking directly at me.

Older lady, so dominant, Shenzhen, 39 plus – now 40 plus!

Anyway, the dear part?

After outlining my femdom tendencies, I often get called that.

“Its OK, dear”, they giggle.

(MADAM anne!)

“I could use a male ayi!”

(Madam Virginia – the name is so apt for me, aka dickie virgin, hehe)

“you can press my legs while I chat with my boyfriend!”

“You can cook, clean, washmy clothes, just dont tear them!” 

(The perfect SU ….)

And of course the findom follows.

They’re actually closer to me than the studs.

Because I’m their female friend, with benefits!

I can cook, clean, play the romantic sissy role, and when they need real sex, they go elsewhere.

Which is such a turn on, watching them have their cake and eat it too (and me eating leftovers. Hehe).

And enjoying sloppy seconds with my tongue.

Most of all though, when they call me “dear”, dearie boy, I know they’ve GOT ME!

They always did …

And I love being called that, and a soulmate, I so do!


Mike Watson

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Mike Watson

Mike Watson

Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!

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