Auntie – or Memsahib – or Madam … JI!

Auntie – or Memsahib – or Madam … JI!

And which one would I use?

I dont know, I wrote the TRUE tale of Pooja Memsahib … JI! which is one of the best received books I’ve ever written (see the review here – more are pouring in, just like my sissy cum does when I’m probed anally, hehe, which happens so often!).

Actually I’m not even getting that pleasure these days, its all nipplegasms, equally, if not more awesome in some ways!

Anyway, the three terms.

They seem unique to India – the last two, and the first?

Used a lot in China, India, Asia …

And I’d never use the first.

I’ve never used it even when she’s fat – or ugly – or OLD!

Because Auntie to me, and I’m not very well versed with the culture, but to me, it signifies “plaid and boring”.

Not an older Indian Goddess!

So when Pooja Madam Ji came to deliver vegetables?

(all explained in the book).

I called her Madam, even my SO did (sardonically, while I called her that so respectfully, and had to bite my tongue not to call her JI! too)

I had to REALLY control and restrain myself from not calling her Memsahib, another left over term from the British Raj, truly used by those considered “inferior” in India.

But Aunty?

Never. Hehe.

Memsahib and Madam , both “ji” signify awe, respect, dignity, everything a Goddess is, no matter how old or young (over 18, obviously).

And as I think about Pooja, all I can do is say thank you, Madam!

You made it all so worth it!


Mike Watson

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