“Mystery, you’re wiser than your years, and always have great advice!”

“Mystery, you’re wiser than your years, and always have…

So said a lovely lady and someone I consider another pioneer at femdom – Mistress Irene!

She said that about me once on a forum I was posting in, about my replies etc.

I was all of 26 at the time …

But it’s something as I told Princess Dani – curiously enough – SHE is 26 too now, and I’ve been talking to her about her lovers, their cocks and of course Madam’s experience “feeling down” (so this sissy CHEERS HER UP!) (sissy role, boy!) … and discussing her lover who is a stud in bed, b ut loser in LIFE!

We’ll get to all this here.

But that wisdom, that experience is what I bring to you, my friend, in my world famous books and courses, you’d be STUPID to think “price” and not avail of it.

Trust me, the price wankers – I could write tomes on them.

One recently asked “who on God’s Green Earth would pay so much for an ebook!”

This idiot didnt get the memo.

IT’s not about the size of the dick – its about how you use it – unless its a micro dick. Hehe. Same for info (another idiot was complaining about “short books!”) …

It’s about information, the value, and what I offer to you is just PRICELESS.

Trust me on this one.

You could pay and probably do pay all these porn sites big bucks for memerships or what not when you could pay me ONE set fee for membership and thats all you’d need the rest of your life. 

Truly femdom related wisdom like you’ve never ever seen from the REAL MCCOY of REAL FEMDOM!

Anyway …

To be honest I had always have better relationships with older people than around my age. Why? I think I was born old? I remember in kid’s birthday I always stayed on adults table talking with them lol.

Now I feel curious, how old are you? Because you said much YOUNGER! So how old is Mike aka Lola?

That was Dani, and then me …

Haha, I told Madam my age, Madam forgot! But thats OK, she’s the Queen, so she can forget, hehe. I’m over .. well, I’ll let you guess one more time – hehe.

YES, I know you’ve always had relationships (better ones) with older men … Haha. That thing about “born older” – I get it – at the age of 13, I was more comfortable hanging around 17 year olds. Hehe. No-one around me could understand it, but hey …

And then her, she asked me twice about if I ever had a girlfriend, what a gREAT question to ask a sissy like me!

Now, I’ve provided plenty of juicy details on this, including some details of a nature you’d never imagine in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from the Chinese mainland” , my fiction books, manuals and so forth …

As far as I have read on your books I would said you never had boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, but who knows maybe young Mike did haha.


But she’s Madam, she forgot, so … I’m lips sealed!

by the way, on that note, this is one of those emails where the PS wrote itself – first.

Anyway …

Of course, as I said in the last email, I wanted more details on her French lover, the COCK!

Talking about the French one. Dick was nice, good size lol. More details… ? he know how to hold up for all night sex. The plus he had, he has good control to not cum. He always waited until I was completely satisfied to cum. So that was nice. Not many boys do that lol.

Of course in some occasions he cum fast but still he knew how to make it up for me, I guess you know what I mean. With sex he was not a loser haha he was gooood, and always ready so no complain on that.

Other than that you said it… flop show… he is the kind of person who self-sabotage his happiness because is afraid of getting hurt later. I can’t do nothing with that, he is the one who needs to work on it, not me.

Until he doesn’t work on his shit, he is gonna stay like that, always running and I am not the kind of person who run after anyone.

THIS MADE ME SO WEAK! And still Madam just WONT call me a loser, hehe.

Hahaha then let’s say none of us is a loser ?

POUTY! Hehe.

And then me … waxing lyrical, as you might imagine : 

Thank you for two things too, Princess. One, the cock details – sounds like a nice long cock! And, I’m so happy he could control himself till he came, unlike Lola, hehe. I’d cum the minute I’m in her, so pathetic, dont you agree. “loser” … Haha. Be honest *giggle*


Was it a cut cock? I think so … I’d smooch it just to say thank you for pleasuring perfect DANI!

Did you use a condom? Nothing like hot CUM – the feeling, haha …

(sorry, I so love more details and discussing your lovers with you! Big balls too? ?)

Back to me though – remember the first book you translated, and the experiences at the end of it – haha ? Those were all “girlfriends” in a very real sense, most didnt even know my submissive side until – well, they knew it deep down inside, which is why I was attracted to them and vice versa – but externally … So the answer is, YES – quite a few! Haha. If you were to see me ever in rea life, you’d never guess the sissy within, hehe.


And, back to your French stud (in bed) – yeah, now he sounds like a bit of a loser in life. But, dont run after him – no point – I never run after anything either, as you know, the more you run after anything the faster it runs from YOU …

You deserve better!

And, maybe someday you can have a cuckold and a stud both, hehe (i.e. one for you know what , one for sex. GIGGLES!).


Yes, those ups and downs, terrible downs sometimes, and supreme highs – all part of the “process” as you say, as for the agent, you guessed it – no answer. I’ll have to push again, what a pain, haha….



PS =- but who knows maybe young Mike did haha. (you’re just too smart, Dani, which is what I love about you. You know already! ?)

Talking to you, so intellectually and dictually – both – stimulating, hehe. I LOVE IT.


But really, talking to someone with a brain, thats what really does it for me – and you! Haha.

Oh, did you suck his dick too? Details! Please! Hehe. ?

And if you ever needed proof of two things – one, Mike Watson the sissy – and two, Mike Watson, wise beyond his – her – sissy faggotty years – well, you got it – NOW!


(and i’ll keep ya;ll posted on details about the French DONG!)


Mike Watson

PS – Here’s a joke a kiddie bopper asked.

“What do you need to open before you use it”. 

Bottles, I said.


The toilet, I said, giggling.


What is it then?

The answer was eggs! Hehe.

Dont you crack eggs, she asked!

My oh my – of course I do! I have them cracked, rather!

But that aside, sissy holes – some are so tight – and Madam Ashley lips, she’d never let me kiss her on the lips, hehe… 

What does not need to be opened?

Her mouth for real man cock, and after sucking it, and he cumming, me kissing her – lovely!


Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!