“It so is..Vanilla life is so dull…Give me full on Kink any Rolling on the floor laughingday..”

“It so is..Vanilla life is so dull…Give me full…

Lots of folks in the vanilla world view us fetishists and BDSM enthusiasts as crazy, abnormal, a combo therein as such.

These are also some of the most BORING people ever my friend – curiously enough, a lot of people that “hate” – have these same fantasies, or more – except they dont admit to themselves, and can’t find someone to play with even if they wanted to , because first thing you know, it would require, you know, thinking OUT of the box – being intelligent and not a complete BOzo and sheep “whatever society deems correct” and so forth!

Princess Dani and I were chatting.

And as you on this list know,about lots of things!

“Madam, can I suck your boyfriend’s dick for you and beg him to come back?” 

Was one of the things, hehe.

(she’s not big into either sucking or getting eaten out – its mostly gettingBANGED for her).

Though shes 100 % dominant in “real life”, which is such a turn on for me!

But anyway, I wouldn’t do that for her boyfriend – thats just talking. HEhe. That dude doesn’t really deserve to be talked about her, or the time of day …

What she asked me was this (and I’ve said many a times before how my dick never stays hard during regular sex, how I can stay hard forever looking at other nice cocks, and during play, and so forth …)

So, I am a little confused haha. In fetish talking you can stay hard but normal sex no? I am lost. I do not know if that is what you mean or again I miss understood.

Miss understood. 

Madam is SO NICE! Hehe.

Yours truly –

The “cums instantly when in a woman” was a bit of a joke haha. You know how some men are, they can’t last in bed long enough to pleasure even themselves “wham bam thank you Ma’am”, sissies especially and with all my cuckold and sissy fantasies (although I’m the exact opposite in REAL LIFE, haha) – so I was just curious to see “if Dani and Mike were together and Mike did this, and you KNEW his tendencies before”, what would your reaction be. LOL.

I prefer a bit of – or more than a bit of fetish while having sex, haha, or something not boring. If it’s boring, I’ll go limp no matter how hot the girl is. If interesting, like an older lady I saw in a movie last night, I’d beg to press her arms, and I’d stay hard for all night long! Yes, I like fetish FAR better than “regular sex”, but if both are mixed right, then I have no problem staying hard. I dont know if I told you, but BDSM wise I’ve been a “stud” too (you have to be one to KNOW how it feels, both dominance wise and submission wise) … so, having sex and staying hard no problem if I really want, haha. My dick’s rather unique yes, but thats a different tale!

To me, I’ve been saying this forever, but precious few outside the BDSM word listen.

Listen, it’s all about keeping things fun and interesting!

It’s one thing to spread her legs wide apart and go missionary “as expected”, or do what “is expected of you in bed”, but why always stick to what is expected, which is usually not what the person wants anyway?

Variety as I say on SpicyandEroticFetish – is the indeed the spice of life – and sexual relations!

Same ole same ole, I cannot tell you how fucking BORING I find it.

And more – even if it’s just getting or giving a blowjob, variety means the person(s) is/are INTO it – into pleasuring the other person, or getting that pleasure, and doing so very creatively indeed!

More – the “control” factor.

Lots of us aren’t really cuckolds in real life.

And giving up control is just so exhilarating in many ways, since we cannot do it in real life (And wouldnt want to!)

And I mean really giving control up, not topping from the bottom.

A dude on Twitter was remarking that he wished his own sissy cock was “as smooth as another tiny dicklet”.

Very nicely presented..I wish mine was that smooth. I can’t believe how much of a buzz SPH is..

Yours truly –

Hehe, yes, small penis humiliation is indeed a turn on for many – including for people that have a large cock anyway, haha. I think it’s all about hitting DEEP down at his manhood, much like the cuckolding fantasies..

Him –

Agreed.. It’s come as a nice shock..I used to have too much of an ego. In the past even when seeing a Dominatrix I still couldn’t fully summit..that all changed with one visit to a really good Domme..since then I’m a total pin dicked slut..

Yours truly –

And life is so much more fun that way, isn’t it sissyespecially with a lady that understands how to do this.

And he then said what I used as the title of this email .

THAT is what its about, hitting the nail on the head – pun intended, or not!

Life – and sex – and all things related? SHOULD BE FUN! And thats what keeps us alive and “young”, haha, the FUN aspect of it, which so many people MISS!
And that, my friend is that.
Back soon!
Mike Watson
Mike Watson
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