Why I SO love women gripping my dong with a VISE LIKE GRIP!

Why I SO love women gripping my dong with…

Yes, so hard that it hurts often!

One tale I didnt mention in Sin City Diaries was one of those lovely girls in China giving me a hand job x 10 – inspired by porn apparently, she’d keep jerking the damn thing DOWN as opposed to what you should do in a handjob i.e. jerk it UP more than down!

(I could write a tome on how to give the perfect handjob too. HEhe).

But she was a Goddess, flicked my nipples so expertly, yet, my phimotic dong, she almost tore the skin off – ouch!

Now, Ashley got this right.

Sure, she was a nurse – and she still didnt understand phimosis (apparently).

“Why I Can’t see the Head, BOY!” 

She was SO frustrated, Madam was!

But she sucked my nipples so expertly that night and gave me such a tremendous handjob that I’ll never forget, and her hands weren’t even manicured perfectly!

I dont know, handjobs and women’s lovely hands!

Madam, please don’t do any housework, I wanna tell Madam Christina, her hands are so soft, I dont want them getting hard with the water!

She can leave that to her younger sister aka ME.


Sissy me!

She’s such a QUEEN AND GODDESS, they all are!

But few things (other than blowjobs, which I love too) to me feel better than hands on cock.

Sissy me needs to do NOTHING, not even thrust in mouth as I often did when I got blowjobs!

Curiously, sissy me LOVES to do many things when servicing cock!

But with a lovely girls hands on me, it’s bliss!

x 100!

And if she looks at my cum in utter disgust after it splatters her lovely pristine “sex worker” palms … well, even better!

Anyway, I love hand jobs. Hehe.

Other than that, where BE I going with this?

I honestly dont know …

Other than handjobs go great with ruined orgasms – and femdom in general!

And, also, to tell you – that some – if not all -my experiences in the Sin City Series are a great one to learn from, understand, and incorporate in your own life if you truly want to bring your groveling sissy fantasies to life.

Emerson once said this –

“Do the thing, and you shall have the power!”

Sage, my friend.


Do the thing NOW, and order the books above.

I’ll see you soon!


mike Watson

PS – Trust me, there is NOTHING like these books out there, and therefore the”get the power” part. Just do, you’ll see!

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!