Saloni Madam and Payal Ma’am

Saloni Madam and Payal Ma’am


“you’re so hot!” a lot of girls keep telling me. 

They dont so much mean “I’m hot” i.e. looks, physique etc.

I work hard to maintain that, yes. But what they mean is the MIND.

I always reply with “My honor Madam!” 

And the words, just words dont do justice to it.

If you’re Schofield from Birmingham in the UK thinking “I’ll just pester Josie with inanities and she’ll get my rocks off” – well, no she won’t.

Vibes shine, my friend, very brightly indeed!

And they did in your case, Bozo, when you got the boot, and not in a way you wanted or liked either, hehe.

Josie, you’re SO NICE!

She is.

She knows it!


But anyway, Saloni Ma’am …

(isn’t it so sexy how the “Ma’am” is attached LATER in India? I used to say “Madam Saloni”, now, I say it the other way, gives it a twist from the subcontinent! Hehe)

She used to work with an SO of mine back int he day.

I dont know who she was.

Madam was gorgeous though, but not in the way you’d think – she was fat, she was out of shape … but … THAT ONE LOOK SHE ONCE GAVE ME!

Similar to the ONE LOOK Garima Madam once gave me, that SLY, knowing, CUNNING LOOK!

I still remember my SO jerking me off later, EYES GLEAMING!

“Hmm! Saloni! Pooja! Payal!” .. 

She was like … I KNOW, BOY!

And Saloni’s feet, I still remember, covered fully till the ankle, but silver nailpolish, I dont know, I didnt even see the foot properly, but SHE KNOWS!

WHAT A GODDESS, I’d have dropped down and worshipped right there in 2009 in the market!

Now, Payal?

I dont even remember the girl.

But when young, I was once sitting on my balcony, second floor, feet up, soles showing, the same profound pose (one of them) I write about so often …

… Iwas thinking  feet – mine – at the time, how it looked etc …

And when I met Payal later, I asked, and …

She laughed.

“Yes, I saw you, feet up…” 

That was all there was to it.

I dont know what Madam thought, or .. heck, I dont even know why the name Payal Ma’am came to mind!

But it’s Hindi for ANKLET … those lovely sexy anklets I’ve written SO MUCH about on the other site!

Anyway, Paye Lagu, MAdam!

All so nice … and on that note?

Remember, Spanish – and other translates for our great books – going great GUNS!

Pun intended, maybe not …

Serving an Indian Goddess has already been translated into Portugese.

And it’s almost done in Spanish as well …

So, great guns, shooting loads, and more!

And if you’re wondering why the “formatting” of some of the books is different, well, two things.

One, although there is a format I give the translators, I let THEIR individual “personalities” shine through too, as much as they can through their work!

THAT is what it’s all about.

And two, sometimes markets demand different thing. i.e. English readers may want a table of contents, in Spain, some might think its a waste of space …

And so forth.

BAck soon.

Saloni Ma’am, Paye LAgu, you’re SO NICE!


Mike Watson

Mike Watson
Femdom Enthusiast, Writer and more!