Why I dont “marry” . . .

Why I dont “marry” . . .

Well, first off, if you were to ask me in one line – I’d say because I dont believe in labels!

I dont.

Many a lovely, budding, sexy, romantic relationship (not for me, but in most cases) has been ruined to the point of “daily humdrum and nothing else, BORING and nothing else” and often worse by the simple signing of a marriage certificate, or form, or whatever it is these days.

I was NEVER in favor of anything like that as an institution.

Sure, those that want to – by all means!

But it’s not just about freedom either …

IT’s about …

But before I get tot hat?

“Apki Madam!”

I still remember a past S.O. of mine sneering at me as she flicked my NIPPLES! (while talking about a girl “Mahima Madam!”)


The LOOK in her eyes, what GLEAM!

That time, it wasn’t about Saloni (Ma’am). It was about an Indian – or from the subcontinent, at least, movie actress “Kareena Kapoor” that Ms Priyanka first introduced me to.

“Bebo”, I believe she’s known as , her sister once did some “item number” – “Baby Baby” – if I recall right …

I dont know, I was more interested in pressing Jyoti’s legs!


Thats me in movie theaters too, always more intereste din the girl!

Carol once asked me.

“You’re more interested in other things, not movie!”

That I am, Madam. Hehe.

But anyway, even Priyanka would sneer at me, lifting my face up with her FOOT as I’ve mentioned in the b ook!

“Teri Madam!” 

I dont know why, I always found the actress Kareena to be a rather sexy Goddess!

I dont know, at least at THAT time I did.

It’s been years since I’ve even seen any Bollywood movie, of course, I dont see movies!

I create reality for myself is what I do …

And anyway, on that note.

Reality, you ask?

I spoke about the lovely sexy uber dominant Christina Ma’am the other day, who called me a foreign dog and more!

And Christina keeps asking me why I dont get married.

Well, how could I.

“Ma’am, how could I devote the rest of my life to serving you if I did!” 

“How could I talk to Christina if I got married. Hehe”. 

And so forth.

I dont know, it’s not the freedom, not just the no labels, none of that I think – or maybe it’s all of that …

Its because, well – it is what it is!

I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

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